Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pretty Brown Paper Packages

Pretty Brown Paper Packages

It has always bothered me that when I send a gift in the mail I have to wrap it in brown paper with no bows and decoration or I need to wrap it in an extra large box and put my gift wrapped box inside a larger box. One day I noticed this pretty printed brown paper at the dollar store, so now I always keep a stock pile of different prints on hand so that I can wrap my gifts fancy when I send them in the mail. It makes the artist in me feel much more satisfied. 

I then wrap the box as I would normally wrap a parcel with brown paper. I use lots of clear packing tape on all of the seams and edges. Instead of bows I find flat stickers and die cuts to decorate the box to suit the recipient of the gift. I use lots of tape to keep the stickers in place as well. I either tape the card in place with the address or I use a piece of paper. I have a collection of bakers twine that I can choose from to tie the parcel. 

This is such an easy way to make your package look as special as whats inside. Some printed brown paper, a few stickers, scissors, clear packing tape, and bakers twine and a little imagination. Happy Shipping. No more boring packages.