Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Upcycled Dog Treat Jar to Chalkboard Labeled Storage Container

Upcycled Dog Treat Jar to Chalkboard Labeled Storage Container

Before I say anything let me say how thankful I am to have my own computer back. It died on me about a month ago....right after I said I would be posting on a regular basis. I tried to use my iPad and that just did not work at all for me, and I tried to use my husband’s computer. By the time I got all of my files and programs available and figured out how to get it to work I was just down right frustrated. I am just so thankful to be back to my old trust worthy. But it is probably time to start looking for a new trust worthy one day. Thank you Trina for fixing me up, you are awesome.
I do not know about you but every year as soon as the holiday decor comes down I the New Year and spring bring on that urge to start cleaning and organizing the home. Whether it is downsizing or taking what is there and repurposing. I found this large container that came full of dog bones that turned out to be the perfect size for a bag of wild bird seed. This would be a good time to introduce my grand dog Hank. He is a Great Pyrnees, Wolf and Husky cross. He weighs in around 100 lbs. 

Hank, sneaking on the couch when Grampa is not home. So big he takes up half of the couch.

My youngest daughter moved back in with him last year, and we are just glad she is in a safe place for now. My husband and I buy him lots of treats and my daughter buys his food. Hence the great big bone container that his treats come in. Hank is a big dog, but he thinks he is a lap dog. As dog grandparents we make sure he has his daily quota of dog treats, and what Mom doesn't know about won't hurt either. This is one of my first creative organizing projects for spring this year. I have been fighting a really bad case of vertigo, so I am trying a little at a time, but I am not able to do as much as I would like to. With spring coming I am feeling like I need to get ready for the wild doves that like to hang out around my house.

Original 1 Gallon Dog Bone Container 

 I love to feed them so that they stay around my yard. I do not want an ugly plain container hanging out at my front door. Besides I am feeling a little creative urge. I dug into my scrapbook supplies which ended up being my next few projects. 

Chalkboard Paper from Walmart comes in Fushia, Black, and Green

Assorted Tools Used, Double sided Taper, Glue stick, liquid glue, scissors, Chalk marker

Rhinestones (from dollar store), die cutes (from walmart)

I ended up the next week cleaning and sorting all of my scrap booking supplies. Which brought on a new frenzy which you will hear about in a later post.
So let’s get back to my project. It was so simple. I found a package of chalkboard paper at Walmart which was the base of my design. This gives me the ability to change the contents of my container. I added some paper trim that wrapped around the container, and some florals that added some interest. 

Pre cut Diecuts make great embellishments. I chose to use a bird and a couple of florals. 

I used the card board to cut the corners round on the chalkboard sign in the center. 

To bring the contents to the forefront I added a large bird graphic. The finishing touch is to write your contents on the chalkboard label with a chalk pen. So simple, it is finished at least for now until I decide to change the contents. 

To find a font that you would like to use for your label, just look online, or freehand one like I did. I practiced a little on paper first and then I jumped in, knowing I could erase it and start over again if I did not like it. How I love chalk.
My finished container.
The finished container as you can see has two full page decorations around the top of the jar. I then used a couple of flower embellishments on the jar. One on the front and one in the back where the page decorations joined. I applied the blackboard sign and added a few die cuts to it as well. It has a couple of rhinestones on it for highlights.  The best thing is if I change my mind and decide to store something other than birdseed I can just rewrite the chalkboard sign and I have a newly labeled container.


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