Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 Resolution for a New Year

As the new year begins I have challenged myself to get back to posting on my blog anew again. I lost my way for a while when I lost my Mom, but I am feeling my creative self coming back. I can say with all honesty to all of you out there if you still have a Mom, spend as much time with her as you can even if she makes you mad, because when she is gone you will be very lonely for her. My husband and I have both lost our Mom's so we have no one to give a Mothers Day Card to, No one to ask for cooking advice from, No one to kiss our pain to make it go away. No one to buy us clothes we hate at Christmas, but we come to cherish those things over the years. On a better note one of the ways I decided to remember my Mom is with a Christmas Ornament. Every year my Mom would get me a beautiful Christmas Ornament for my tree, so this year I bought one in her name to put on the tree.

It brought tears to my eyes, but it meant the world to me too. Do you have traditions that mean a lot to you. This is a picture of the ornament I got this year.Our tree has always meant a lot to our family as you can read about in this post about our family tradition that circles around our tree that I posted in 2014.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All of my Readers & My favorite Christmas Tradition
I am looking forward to getting back to writing. I recently took a photography course too and need to practice what I learned. Time to pull out the notebook and practice what I learned. I got a new lens for my camera for Christmas, apparently I should be able to see a bump on your cheek across the street. Not quite how it was worded to me but a girl can have good manners right. I really need to practice blogging as this short little piece has taken me hours. I had it all ready to post and went to find the pictures and I had not saved the writing and everything was deleted and I had to start all over again. Frustration. I am sure as I get back into it I will get faster again. The words my Mom would have used save, save, save. Bill and I shared a very quiet New Years Eve ie: we set an alarm for 11:45 just in case we fell asleep, leaving just enough time to share a bottle of champagne. The cork wouldnt go back in so we had to finish the bottle. On New Years Day, we watched movies for most of the day and I planned a nice menu for dinner. I tried a new recipe that I was very happy with the outcome that will be shared very soon. My next post will be my recipe for the chicken we had on New Years Day, spicy and sweet Honey and Habanero Glazed Chicken.

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