Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Grilled Cheese with fried tomatoes; a knife and knife necessity

First I want to apologize to my readers for not posting for so long. I have been on survival mode for the last 6 weeks. It started with a bad fall with my daughter’s dog and has progressed to a cracked molar that abscessed severely. I had a root canal done two days before Christmas and then it abscessed more. By Christmas I was in severe pain. Of course I had to take antibiotics which in turn have their own side effects. I ended up with a yeast infection that I could not treat due to the antibiotics and then a bladder infection. I am now back on antibiotics as I still have a little more abscess in my tooth. But this time the pain is manageable. Needless to say I did not gain any more weight over Christmas for a change.

Since the early days of my life I remember by Grandmothers cooking.  A few of her extra actives were, cooking, fishing, telling stories, and more cooking. She would sit and read recipe books for days on end, looking for the perfect recipe. Some of her recipes came with her from her own childhood, and from her family. Taking Grandma to the fresh markets was like watching a kid in the candy store. She would get so excited over beautiful baby beats to make pickles. I know it bothered my mom when we showed up with bags of baby beets, tomatoes, mini onions to make pickled onions. She loved the fresh green beans and the giant cabbage. It really did not matter what the price was or that Mom had to work (She just loved buying vegetables. I loved taking her there and seeing how joyous My Grandma could get. It is always a happy time when you see someone doing something they love. I sure miss my Gram and our visits to the farm markets. Gram loved to teach cooking too all of us too, Even my friends. I have a very special friend who my Gram took under her wing to teach table etiquette. My Gram loved her too. Every week she would invite her over for dinner. She would set a full table and train her in the fine art of eating with manners. My girlfriend’s parents never had time to teach their children manners and many other life skills. A lot of this blog post is about cherishing what you have in life even in the simple things.              
My Gram with her dessert at the end of a seafood feast

My Gram also enjoyed a good serving of fresh shell fish. Lobster, Crab and Spot prawns. In this picture you can see her love of good food in her facial expressions. A little while before my gram passed my sister and I took her out to dinner at a restaurant that used to cook seafood to order. They were able to get a couple of pounds of fresh spot prawns for us, so we ate prawns till we dropped. We have some great pictures from that day.

But today is about one of my Gram’s favorite simple dishes that are just leaps about the rest. I have never come across a grilled cheese just like this either. She says it origins are in Dartmouth Nova Scotia where shew grew up.
This is my Gram’s favorite Grilled Cheese topped with fried tomatoes.

Here are the ingredients
Two slices of bread
Salt & pepper to taste
Worcestershire sauce
Two small tomatoes, chopped into small chunks
Butter or margarine
Your choice of cheese: slices, cheddar, Brie, laughing cow or other favorites

To make your sandwich you will need two small frying pans. The first to cook the grilled cheese sandwich, the second to cook the tomato topping. I always prep all of the ingredients before I begin cooking. Start with the sandwiches. 

Take both slices of bread and butter them on one side, all the way to the crusts. Now place the two slices of bread butter sides together. Get your cheese ready to go on. I brushed the inside bread with laughing cow cheese and then a full layer of medium cheddar cheese. Set this aside until you are ready to cook. Now for the tomatoes, cut the tomatoes into small pieces (chunks) and set them aside for later use. Warm up both fry pans. One on medium and the second on medium-high. 

Carefully place the grilled cheese in the medium high pan, with the butter side down. Pull apart the sandwich with its butter sides together and put the first slice with the cheese butter side down. Put the second buttered slice on top with the butter side up.  Wait for it to get toasty but not too dark and flip it over until both sides are browned and the cheese is melted.  In the second pan it should be a very hot pan. Add a little butter or margarine to the pan and let it melt, when the pan is hot, add the chopped tomatoes. Let them cook down and bubble. Add the spices, pepper, salt and Worcestershire sauce just before they are ready.Remove the grilled cheese from the pan when it is ready. Use a large plate to accommodate all of the tomatoes. Put the cooked grilled cheese sandwich in the center of your plate. Pour the soft and bubbling tomatoes on top of the grilled cheese sandwich from the second pan. 

You want the tomatoes to be soft which in turn will soften the grilled cheese too.If you like you can a little more Worcestershire sauce add it now? Eat it with a fork and knife. If you have done it correctly you will have an ooey gooey sandwich. If you were ever to ask me this is the best grilled cheese I have ever had, thanks to my Gram.

I hope you enjoy

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