Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A preprinted Santa doll comes to life

I found an adorable preprinted Santa doll at the second hand store. It was almost all put together, but all of the pieces were included. He was missing his legs, but they were sewn and stuffed just waiting to be attached. I very quickly sewed on the legs which were one of the few missing pieces. For some reason I am addicted to finishing unfinished sewing and stitching projects that end up at the second hand store. I find many needle points that are 3/4 finished, and things like this cute little Santa. I could have attached his legs and called it a day but I find the preprinted panels are just asking to be adorned with extra touches.

It was very nice that I found him for all of $1.00. I thought he would be perfect as a Christmas doll for my granddaughter and grandson.

My first experience with prepainted panels came Twenty Four years ago, for my daughters first Christmas my Aunt gave her a giant Christmas stocking. It is so big that at that time she could have used it as a sleeping bag for her. My Aunt also got one for our youngest daughter two years later when she was born. They are made from preprinted panels that can be purchased at the fabric store. They are very big and a little expensive to fill, especially as they have become older . When they were children it was not that much, but as they have grown the things they like and need have increased in value. This year will be the first that I do not fill their stockings. We haved decided that we will all add a little something to everyones sock rather than Santa carrying the whole load. As the socks are so big they have always been one of their favorite Christmas morning events. All of the little treasures just waiting to be unwrapped. 
You cannot see all of the glitter paint, jewels, bells and trims that make these stockings look so special in this picture. 

What makes the panels special is that they are embellished with bells, crystals, toys and fur. This gives them extra dimension and brings them to life. The stockings came already embellished when they were gifted to my girls, making them instant family heirlooms. When I found the Santa he was already sewn together but he was not embellished.

I do not have a pattern for what I have done with him as each one should be original. Here you can see some examples of a few of my embellishments. You can see how it brings him to life. I am sure he will be an heirloom for my grandchildren. 

Here I have added his faux fur beard and eyebrows. I also added  feather boa hat and cuff trim.

I added a black belt, a silver belt buckle and antique buttons

I added blanket stick around his gloves. It just adds a little extra and makes the gloves special. I am very happy with how he turned out. I used a lot of things I already had in my stock pile. White fur, buttons, embroidery floss, a belt buckle and some bells for the end of his hat. I used a mix of different bells for the hat. Some that look old and some that are shiny. 

He is just so cuddly looking now that he is trimmed in fur. Just waiting from some child love.

You can see here what a difference the extra trim makes. All of the embellishments are sewn on by hand. Some embroidery floss, bells, feather boa, fake fur, a buckle and antique buttons. But mostly just a little time while watching television. 


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