Sunday, September 21, 2014

My new organized file system made possible by a psychic healing

I have been on a quest to reorganize and dejunk my house. I usually end up with only a few days each month to work on it due to chronic migraines and other chronic illnesses. It is really difficult to sort and organize when you are hiding in a dark room. Even the dark room ends up needing some help when you cannot work on it. My bedroom is 500 square feet, painted in a colour called real teal. The colour was done long before teal became an in colour. It seems that because the room is so big it has become the landing place for things no longer needed in our home. Due to health problems it has become very difficult to funtion. For many years my biggest dreams have very simply been to heal and feel better. I did not ever think it would be as simple as a visit by a psychic. Healing comes in many ways.
The makings of parsley tea, which is great for body cleansing

Recently I had a friend’s sister in law come for a visit. I have been friends with my girlfriend for 36 years now and I had never met her sister in law before this summer. She happens to be a psychic. She did a karma reading for me about a year and a half ago which is one of my reasons for beginning to blog. She totally hit my mark with her reading. This time even though she was only here for a short while to visit, she gave me a psychic healing. I am still in pain just like before since the healing, but things I have tried to get done are just getting done. I do not understand how it works, but it sure made a difference. I have a few instructions she gave me for other things that will help and I have been trying to follow them. Two of the easiest are to drink parsley tea every day and to grate fresh ginger and add it to a foot bath. I am really surprised by the taste of the parsley tea it is actually very tasty. That is if you like green stuff.

So one of the best things about my psychic healing is that I have more energy, so I have been very busy doing projects that I have planned in the past. I was so far behind on some things that I am finally catching up with. Last year I found some beautiful file folders that I could not resist purchasing. My intentions were to set up a wall filing system to keep my filing up to date. This was no small job as for the past six years my filing has been done in a box per year. It took me three days to get all of my back filing done and I am happy to say I am now up to date. Now I just have to keep it up for the rest of the year.
I just love these file folders

Part of my new filing system with my wall rack is some new tags that I had made by my daughter. She has an Etsy business selling things cut from cardstock. She calls her business Tender Loving Cardstock. Her initials are TLC (I could not resist when she was a baby). You can find her business at this link Tender Love Cardstock.

She made me a perfect set of tags for my filing system. I did not want to write on my new fancy file folders so instead I clipped a tag to each wall basket. You can find a large selection of products on Trina’s etsy site. She does custom orders too. She usually sends out her orders either the same day or the next day. I am very impressed with her standards. Right now she is gearing up to add tassel garlands to her site. They are just so cute. She can do writing on your tags with the computer, or you can do them yourself like I did.

I painted the clothes pins I used myself. I put on some disposable gloves to paint otherwise it would be a very messy job. Take the clothes pins apart and apply a base coat of paint in whatever colour you want. I used black and when they were base painted and dry, I put them back together. I then applied a gold design with a very fine paint brush. To keep the paint from getting ruined, I clipped them to a paper towel roll and placed it in a jar to keep it upright. It worked great.
My finished clothes pegs drying

I started this project last year, but I am very pleased that it is finally done. It would not be the same if all of my back filing was not caught up. Now I have a box of magazine clippings that I saved pre Pinterest. Its time to lose those too.
The painting is one that my other daughter Mandy made for me when she was still in school, the center is based on a picture of her in a walker and then she used all of the words associated with having a child and being a Mom. The black paper cut out I bought at the dollar store as a wall accent.

I do not think I could have accomplished any of it without the psychic healing. Thank you Laurel for helping me get a real life again, So I can do little things around my home. I am just so happy to feel alive again. 

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