Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eat, Drink and be Thankful Framed Quote

I love shopping, even if it is only window shopping. I have a few favorite stores that I try to visit during each change of season and occasion. Last week I made a visit to Home Sense. They always have beautiful things that are hard to resist. I love that they have such wonderful seasonal accents. This is one store where I can find gifts for family and friends almost every time I go there. I even found the boxes for my Mom’s ashes at Home Sense. On my most recent visit I found a few things that just had to come home with me. I found a wrought iron piece that will fit over my very large television and fireplace that I have been looking for. I looked at all of the seasonal decorations.

Especially a small plate with the quote Eat Drink and be Thankful 

written in Gold Leaf that I really liked. It was only $4.99 and I could have bought it but I decided to make my own. Originally I was going to make mine on a plate that matched my decor but then I went to the dollar store and found this framed tile and it became my muse.

The tile had a picture on it, so I painted it with two coats of white gesso. I let the gesso dry between coats and gave it a light buff with sandpaper between coats. This eliminated any bumps and brush strokes. When it was done I thought that the base was just the way I wanted it, so I did not add a coat of paint as it looked just perfect.

The hardest part of this whole project was transferring the design to the tile. I used my computer to create a pattern. I typed out the phrase “Eat, Drink and be Thankful in a word document. Then I selected different fonts and sizes until I found what I wanted. I chose Great Vibes font which I had already downloaded. It can easily be found by searching for fonts on line. I chose to make the quote 72 pt. in size as this filled the tile with a nice border around it. I centered the quote and printed it on its own sheet of paper. 

This was so easy so far.  Next comes the hardest part. I held the quote up to the window with right side down so that I could trace it with a pencil on the wrong side. If I had a light box it would have been much easier but I still need to use my window.

Once you have traced the quote, turn it over so the right side is up. With painters tape, center the quote where you want it on the tile. Tape it in place securely as you do not want it to move while you transfer it.

Using a pencil and light pressure colour over the print as shown. This will transfer the tracing on the back of the page to the tile.

You are now ready to paint over the pattern on your tile surface. I chose a Gold Leafing Pen which I already owned. If you need one it can be purchased at Michaels Craft Store. I am sure you can find them at other places too. I chose gold, but you could do it in other colours too. 

When I had completely painted my quote I added a little bit of gold accent around the edges of the tile too. It had a graduated edge on it that took very well to gold leafing. When the paint was dry I used a white eraser to remove any uncovered pencil markings.
To add a finishing touch I glued on a silk leaf with a thick white glue. It adds just a little pop of colour. It only took a small drop of glue. I pulled the plastic veins off the leaf, leaving only the leaf itself. That’s it my framed quote was now completed, and ready to hang on the wall.

It would be so easy to do this on other surfaces too. Like the outside of a mug, or on a salad plate for each place setting. It would look great on place setting cards for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a very simple project that only took about an hour to complete. I am very Thankful to share this with you. Cherie

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