Friday, September 26, 2014

Chalkboard pumpkins sitting in a row

This year one of my new fall decorations is a little set of faux pumpkins that I have painted with black chalkboard paint. I started these last year and did not get them done in time to use them. This year I am on a quest to finish all of my uncompleted projects. This will hopefully open up substantial space in my studio/crafts room.

The pumpkins started as a combination
of foam and glass pumkins that I found at the dollar store. They are all slightly different making them a little more realistic. The coats of chalkboard paint make them into a "set". I used Rust-oleum Chalk Board paint in black to finish my pumpkins.
It adhered to both the ceramic/glass surface and the foam surface without using a primer. This could not be an easier project. I poked a skewer into the bottom of the foam pumkins making them easier to paint all over. This kept my fingers nice and clean. For the glass pumpkins I used a stick in the premade holes in the bottom of the pumpkins. I gave each of the pumpkins three coats of paint. When the paint was dry I primed the pumpkins with a piece of white chalk.

I chose a thick all purpose glue to attach some silk leaves to the top of each pumpkin. It took overnight for the glue to dry. I could have used hot glue, but I personally find it very messy and I wanted my results to be more finished. While my glue was drying I searched online for an autumn/fall font to use for my lettering. I ended up choosing the font Albemarle Swash. I downloaded the font and made it available to word. I then typed out the word that I wanted to copy onto a word document. I had bought a special chalk marker to do my lettering but I found that a simple piece of regular old fashioned white chalk did the job just fine. I did not transfer my letters to the pumpkins I just copied freehand while looking at the letters on my screen. 

This was a very simple but nice project. I am enjoying looking at this little mini set of pumpkins.
I have also recreated a few of last years autumn decorating ideas that can be seen HERE and THERE. The bottle company flowers have moved but it is just such a cute arrangement. 

I just love bringing new accents into my home, there is just something so warm and cozy about adding new things.


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