Saturday, September 20, 2014

A tiny little kindness helps your soul

Yesterday my daughter and I went shopping at the craft store. We all know what it is like to get into one of those great big box stores that have enticing collections of every craft we have ever dreamed of. We walk too much there and make rounds through the store until our legs and feet are killing us. Even the healthy notice they are tired after they shop a big store. It does not matter when we are on the outlook for some autumn inspiration.

Today I noticed that the lady befind me was holding the shelf holding herself up. Despite my own pain,
I could not help but offer to let her go in front of us. I would not suggest that you move someone from the back of the line up front with you unless you move back where they were. Some other customers would get mad if you do so. She would not take my offer, but I managed to talk her into taking the next cashier after my daughter. I waited for the same cashier as my daughter which only took an extra three minutes. While I was talking to this lady she mentioned that she usually uses a wheelchair, but it was too hard to get it out of the car today. Despite the fact that I could hardly make it back to the car myself, it felt very good to let her go ahead of me.

This shirt says it all to me.

 I guess in life sometimes it is the free things we can pay it forward with too, as this little thing made me feel pretty good. I did not do it for glory or recognition, it was simply that another person looked like they needed help. Mine was a small little thing, but I hope it made her day just a little bit easier. It turned out that her husband has the same type of arthritis as me too, Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is not all that common. The world works in many funny ways.

I always find when I pay it forward I feel much better about myself. I always here about people who pay for coffee for the person behind them, but noticing that someone is in pain and standing in a line is so very hard when you are hurting. Unless you have experienced pain you would not realize how hard it is to stand in a line up. I have been doing this since I was 18 when I had my first arthritis flare up, which is when I realized how difficult standing waiting can be. Please I hope the next time you see someone who is obviously in pain that you think to move them forward. They really are trying to still function, it just takes a little more for them. There are so many ways to pay it forward, I would love to hear what your gift to your inner spirit is. How often do you let someone ahead of you when they have one or two items and you have a buggy full. There are small ways to help out your fellow shopper. I always just think karma and it is so easy to do.

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