Monday, August 11, 2014

I met the most amazing young man....on a BC Ferry

I have always been interested on what goes on around me. If you walk up to someone that is doing or wearing something that intrigues you, and you ask them about it you will find the most amazing stories. So on a recent BC Ferries trip for a medical appointment I saw a young man playing with a pair of gloves that have little LED lights in the finger tips. I love colourful things, so this caught my attention immediately. We were on the upper deck where the smokers hang out, which is a place I would normally never go. It just happened that I was with my husbands cousin who smokes and the ferry was very busy so we wanted to stick together. The young man was trying to adjust the colours of the lights to their original settings. I asked him if he could show me what they are and he did. After a few minutes he got them set up and he showed me a demonstration on how to use the gloves.

My video is not that great but at the moment on the outside deck of the ferry with the wind blowing it was the best I could do. I cannot remember the young mans name as I did not write it down. I wish I had, as he was a very nice young man. Not all young people are willing to talk to an overweight Grandmother. I thank him for showing me his dance. It is called gloving. The art of gloving is moving your hands to the beat of the music and it works best in the dark. For this demo it was not dark yet and there was no music, but you can get the idea of how they work. I understand they are used often at raves which I do not know much about as I am from another generation. For me it is a new expression of art and dance that can inspire its users to open a new part of their brain.

Young Man on BC ferries doing a gloving demo

I hope that one day the young man will see this and send me a reply so I can add his name to this post. My Mom was the type of person to walk up to anyone and start a conversation. I do it sometimes, but not always. I always admired the fact that my Mom could find out more about a stranger in fifteen minutes than most people know about their acquaintances after years. I am happy that there are times I am able to do this too. Life is much more fulfilling if you find answers to what intrigues you. I am thinking a pair of these gloves will make a great gift for my niece that loves to dance. If I had not asked I would not have a clue as to where to find the gloves. Just so you know I have no affiliation with the company that sells these gloves. I just think they are very interesting. Following you will find a link to the website that sells gloving sets.

Have you met a random stranger that is very interesting? Did you have the courage to walk up to them and ask them about things that intrigue you? You will find your life much more inspiring if you are able to talk to strangers. So many people these days are busy with their virtual life that they no longer communicate with the world around them. I am looking forward to my next chance to learn about something new. Even with my limited mobility I can still talk to those around me and learn new things.


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