Tuesday, July 15, 2014

O Canada Garden & celebration

Today I am doing the first post since my Mom's passing. I apologise to my readers that I have not been posting, but with my Mom's passing, I temporarily lost my ability to write and my inspiration. Today is the first time I have known what I wanted to share. I am so far behind with everything at home that I should have plenty of topics to blog. I am reminded to enjoy the simple things in your life with family and friends.

The neighbours across the street from my Moms house planted this amazing garden for their wedding which they celebrated at their own home. The wedding took place on July 1st, which is the day we celebrate Canada Day, hence the flag garden. I started out just seeing the street front garden, which I love. It makes me sad that so many Canadians do not fly our countries flag. I see our neighbors to the South, in the USA, seem to flaunt their pride in many ways. You can always find decor and clothing items with the american flag proudly displayed. There are no limits to the items displayed, from cushions and wreaths to shorts and t-shirts. I hope that one day Canadians across our country find their pride and show it.

You can see a little peek of the ocean behind the house
We are much more than a few beavers, moose and red coat mounties. Most of us have graduated from our igloo's to live in houses. We have so much to stand up for. This garden is planted with many supertunia's in white and red. It would not be hard to find other pictures to create with flowers. What garden ideas do you think would work?

 Lighting the wish lanterns and then sending them on their way, where ever that may be.

The week after the neighbors wedding, they were outside lighting some rice paper wish lanterns. They had one for each of their guests at the wedding but it was too windy to use them on the day of the celebration. I walked over the highway to get a closer look. The back yard was beautiful. The house is on the ocean side of the street. They built a raised dance floor and a stage for the band, right on the ocean side border of their yard. The backyard was decorated with thousands of white flowers and white twinkle lights. They had towers of white supertunia's. They created a tower out of wire fencing, covered in moss and landscape fabric. The towers were fix feet high and about 18 inches across. They filled the tower with soil and then created holes around the tower to plant the flowers. They ran white mini lights around the tower hidden among the white flowers. I only saw the yard in the dark with twinkle lights, but it was stunning. 

I was lucky enough that the homeowners showed me how their wish lanterns worked too. I have a few pictures of them, but my photography was not so great then. I loved the wish lanterns, but I felt sorry they were unable to use them at their wedding due to weather. They were very magical as they were released into the night sky. The lit lanterns rose higher and higher and at the same time they drifted away until all you could see was a little speck of light. 

I found this video on Youtube. It is not from the wedding but I wanted to share what it could be.  Wish Lantern Festival I hope you enjoy. I am intrigued by these lanterns. Even with only a few at a time they are magical.

Last week I found a package of blinking L.E.D balloons while I was out shopping. I love to find new and unique things for occaisions and parties. They are very simple to use, stretch the balloon a little, pull the tag that lights it up, and then blow up the balloon with a pump or helium, your choice. They cost $4.29 for a box of 5. The lights are said to last for 30 hrs.  

I was going to include a picture of the balloons, but I have put them away somewhere in the house. They are in deep hiding as I am unable to find them. 
I am thinking that you would be able to release the lighted balloons no matter what the weather is. Of course the grandma in me could not resist getting my grandchildren a package each for their upcoming birthdays. I am thinking that you would only need a couple of the blinking balloons mixed with regular balloon for a great balloon bouquet. Of course I had to get a couple of boxes for me too. I chose gold and white which I think can go with anything. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day all year round

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