Sunday, February 23, 2014

Warm and Cozy Sheepskin lined leather boots that look good too!

This year I bought myself a new pair of winter boots. My old ones were really ugly. They were imitation leather and the finish had started to peel and flake off. I had been looking for a few years for boots I liked and had not found anything that fit just right. I really should have posted this before when I first got the boots, but this week when the temperature plunged I really came to appreciate the warmth of my boots. 

I have arthritis in my feet so I have to pay special attention to my shoes and boots. They must have a good arch support otherwise my feet get too sore when I wear them. I have one brand of sandals that have become one of my favourite brands. They are made by Rieker. 

These are a couple of my favourite sandals by Rieker. They are a little worn as they are my current favourites. I decided to look on line for boots. This is something I have never done before. But I guess I got really lucky. I found the website and they had a great selection of boots. They also participate in the program so you get a rebate on the cost of your purchases. 

I started out by looking for the Rieker brand as I know they fit my feet really good. I found these boots and I am so happy I did.

The description for the boots was that they had a leather upper and a comfortable lining that allows for a supple fit. This was such an understatement. The boots have a black sheepskin lining which not only makes these boots super comfortable, it also makes the boots nice and warm. The sheepskin lining is in the foot of the boot and also up the leg of the boot. One of the trends is to wear UGGS as they are so warm and comfortable. But these boots by Rieker are also warm and comfortable, but they look nice and dressy too even with a dress. I found that by reading the customer reviews I could use the comments to help determine what size to look for. 

Here you can see the sheepskin lining inside of the boots. I really think they look great, but this is the best thing in boots ever.
When I have been wearing a skirt or dress all winter I have been wearing these boots as they are nicely dressy and very cozy at the same time. Considering this was the first time I have ever bought shoes or boots online I feel like it was a super experience. 

I found another pair of boots I fell in love with too at the same time. I took a chance with these ones as they were not in a brand I was familiar with, but has free return shipping so I took a chance on it. 

These are the other boots I purchased. They are really pretty and I absolutely love them, but during this cold snap the first pair of boots are the best. And to really add to the experience when you purchase a pair of regular priced boots or shoes you can then purchase a pair from the outlet company. I found a great pair of UGG driving shoes/slippers. They too are warm and cozy with a sheepskin lining. 

I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, I am only telling you about a great product that I found and want to share. I am finding that even when my feet hurt, the sheepskin helps to soothe my feet. 

I would love to hear about any great finds like this that others have found this winter. 

Happy Feet

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