Monday, February 3, 2014

The importance of Time and what my priorities are at this time

I would like to extend my apologies to my readers at this time. I am not giving up my blog, I love it way too much. Unfortunately at this time my hero, my Mom is sick and in need of some extra help and love. My sister and I as well as many others are choosing to spend as much time with her as we can. Most days I get up at home, do a couple of necessary chores and then I head to my Mom's house as soon as I can. So far this has not been the best start to the new year. I certainly hope it improves from here.

This is a picture of my Mom on the Left, Myself and My Mom's sister Aunt Connie taken last June

My Mom has been diagnosed with Cancer that has spread extensively. We still do not know exactly what we are dealing with as her biopsy results are not back yet at this time. But as a family my sister and I are choosing to be with her. She has a few things she wants done and we are trying to accomplish these tasks so she can use her energy towards healing and happiness.

My Aunt Connie and my Mom's partner Rodger have been there helping everyday too. So has Rodger's cousin Carol from Reno Nevada. Its like one big dinner party at my Mom's right now. The only difference is my Mom who is an amazing cook and hostess is sitting back and letting us do all of the cooking. Mom does not have much of an appetite at this time so we try to make things that are high in nutrition and to her liking. It is really hard to believe my Aunt Connie also has cancer at this time. She is doing pretty good right now so we are hoping she is one of the few who surprises everyone and carries on for a good long time. I HATE CANCER.

My Mom cooked the most amazing dinner I have ever had for my 50th birthday.
Everything was gluten and allergy free and it was amazing. I know she was tired after doing that but it really does not show. My Aunt Connie came and helped her too. I am trying to get the recipes from her from that dinner. One of the dishes was some very delectable stuffed cherry tomatoes. I understand they were pretty time consuming. 

We have heard so many wonderful stories from days gone by from my Mom, my Aunt and others who have come to visit in the last few weeks. Last week I had a bad moment on the phone with Mom. I had something come up in my own life that I was stressed about, so I did what I have always done I phoned my Mom for her advice and voice. Only when I was talking to her I realised that she may not be around forever for me to do this. It was a very hard conversation for me. You would think that at fifty I could manage without calling my rock but no it does not work that way.

I want you to look at my Mom in the picture, does she look 69 to you. She will turn 70 soon (April) but when you see her, this is her natural hair colour. She has always been so beautiful and classy. She is also one of the kindest and generous people you will ever meet. She has always had an open door to company and she gets lots. She thinks nothing of throwing together a quick dinner for 20 at the last moment. Can you do that just when guests stop by expectantly. My Mom and Rodger generally have guests by breakfast time and the day just goes from there. I have always envied my Mom's unending energy. As I have had chronic illness since I was nineteen, she has been hard to keep up to. Not so long ago it was my Mom taking me out shopping (something twisted about that right).

Over the next while I will try to share some of my Mom's most popular recipes. Many of them I cannot eat due to celiac and allergies, but they are just so good it would be a shame not to post them.
A few days ago my Mom's older brother made us a large pot of borscht soup and brought it ready to serve for dinner. It was amazing. I will get the recipe and share it soon. I could eat that soup everyday. The only bad thing about that soup was the next mornings pink human waste. It always freaks me out when I eat beets and the next day it looks like you are bleeding. You get over it quickly when you remember what you ate. Ha Ha. Uncle Dave did a few things in his preparation that I had never heard of before so I look forward to sharing a new version of soup. And do I have an awesome recipe or technique for cooking prawns. My sisters prawns are so tender and sweet. Just cooked to perfection.

I really hope my readers understand why I will be posting a little less often at this time. I am taking lots of notes and pictures so I can post later. Please excuse me and I will catch up with all of the great ideas I having been taking notes for. I could not live with myself if I sat at home and did projects and blogged rather than spending as much quality time as I can at a time like this. Hopefully in the next week we hear some good news and that they have things they can do to help. My fingers,  toes and heart are crossed.




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    1. Thank you; things are progressing way too fast. We are working very hard right now trying to find foods my Mom can eat. Definitely looking for ideas from any of my readers. I am looking for healthy and small snack foods. They should be foods that are gentle on the system and do not cause nausea to get worse. Please if you have any ideas your help would be appreciated at this time

  2. Thinking of you Cherie - take good care!