Friday, February 28, 2014

Mindfulness on a snowy Day

This quote is one of my new favorites. It speaks to the heart of my blog. Today it is snow instead or rain, but that detail does not matter. The point is to take the time to enjoy the moment rather than finding the down side.

I love to use creativity to deal with pain. It not only helps you to forget the pain, it gives your spirit the pick me up it might be missing.

Right now while my Mom is ill with cancer it means more to me than ever. My cousin sent me a picture this week that really matched this feeling. Our recent fall of snow reminded me of years gone by and the fact that when it snows I tend to hide indoors, unlike my younger days and those with my children the snow was something to celebrate. When my girls were little I used to go to the school on days that it snowed for recess and lunch, just to hear the sounds of children having fun. Take time at a place like the school with children playing, close your eyes and just listen. The wonder of the moment is something that children practice daily. Somehow as we age we forget to take the same moments for ourselves.

When is the last time you laid down and made a snow angel?

Do you remember how free you felt making a snow angel or building an snowman. Or even better sledding down a hill. When we were younger we did not care that our hands were cold or wet. We just let ourselves go and enjoyed the moment. You do not need snow to enjoy this freedom, you can go to the beach and jump over waves, or sit on a swing and let yourself soar higher and higher.
This very unique snowman was built by My friends son. He did not have a scarf and hat for his snowman so instead he used red food colouring to decorate it. It looks a lot like a murder scene but I applaud his ingenuity.

Have you ever stood under a snow covered tree, listening to the sounds of the branches dripping. Wondering when the snow is going to fall or melt. Do we notice the beauty of the branches everyday, or just when nature accents them in white.

The beauty of the branches inspires me to capture the designs created by nature. When I think that each of those branches are covered with millions of tiny individual flakes, my imagination goes into overdrive. Imagine if we could recreate that much beauty.

Have you gone for a walk in the snow, it really changes the look of the landscape that you see everyday. 

Are you in love yet?

So put on your gloves, your scarf and your boots and go enjoy. See my post about my new boots here 

Moments like this will not be here for long, in fact they may never be exactly the same. Remember to enjoy each day and find the joy in the moments.

I am taking a class right now on meditation and one of the activities that we are to learning is to practice mindfulness. In other words taking the time to notice the little things around us everyday. Take the time to look around and see the details. Slow down while you enjoy a meal and taste each bite. Try to identify the flavors in each bite, close your eyes and smell your food. You will find that if you use all of your senses during the day you will enjoy the time much more.  " Take care of the minutes, the years take care of themselves."

What are you doing right now? What are you hearing, feeling, sensing, and thinking. What will happen if you do this exercise throughout your day. Will you hear the birds sing, or the kettle whistling?

I cannot walk as far as I used to, but you do not have to go far to enjoy the moment. If something is keeping you from an activity stop and meditate for a few minutes. Imagine yourself doing those activities. Picture yourself sledding down a hill or walking through the forest. Smell the trees and the snow. I would love to take credit for most of these photo's, but all but a few were taken by my cousin. She did an outstanding job of catching the moment.

When you are done playing in the snow, make yourself a nice pot of soup and curl up in front of a nice warm fire. Try my recipe for Shortcut Tortilla Soup. This recipe has all of the flavour of a soup made with chilies, garlic and onions without the work. The secret is in using a good quality bottled salsa to get the flavours.


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