Monday, February 24, 2014

Make your Own Hand Cleaner

For many years I have been using this little DIY for making my own hand cleaner. It works great when soap is just not enough. It works especially good when you are doing messy crafts, painting and gardening. I use it almost every week.
If you get everything ready before you get messy it is really simple to use. 

Take dirty hands and add a squirt of liquid dawn. Then add a teaspoon of granulated sugar. Rub the mixture where necessary to clean hands and your arms. The sugar adds just enough abrasive to remove most hard to clean messes from your hands. The mixture is low on the allergy scale too. If you don't have sugar you can try a little salt too. Rinse and you are done. Very simple to use, and no purchase necessary and it works great.

When I found this mixture I was very impressed how well it worked

I posted this DIY Cleaner previously as part of an earlier post where I had been painting baseboards in our half bath, and found myself using it this week and thought it deserved a post of its own. My husband is a mechanic and usually uses industrial hand cleaner at his shop before he comes home, but when he forgets this is the cleaner he chooses to clean up all of that dirty grease. I have tried using other cleaners too, but lots of them have orange extract in them and I am allergic to orange (especially when it in a concentrated extract). So I find this hand cleaner is a much better choice for myself.

It worked perfect to clean up the baseboard paint and primer from my hands in the project above.


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