Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Use Your Copier to Hang a Black Power Bar

One of my pet peeves is putting unnecessary holes in my Gyprock walls. Having extra holes in the walls really ruins the aesthetic of your walls and it takes a lot of time repairing those holes before you repaint. It also impairs the structure of the wall for future supports. Having a lot of holes in your walls is very unattractive and should be avoided at all costs.  I always try to avoid putting holes in the walls if I can.

So I was very happy when I bought a new black power bar to hang on the walls of my studio. I bought the power bar to hang on the wall above a dresser I use for storage. The plug outlet is behind the dresser and is difficult to access, so hanging the power bar on the wall above the dresser gives me easy access to power. When I purchased my new power bar the sales man told me a great tip to aide in installation.The tip was to copy the back of the power bar on my printer and use the copy as a guide for the wall mount holes. I thought this was a great idea until I tried it.

 A very simple but unanticipated obstacle. The power bar is black and so is the copy. I was unable to see where the holes should be.  This is the picture that came out of the printer.

So I thought about it for a little while (not too long) and figured out that if I traced around the holes for mounting with white chalk as pictured they would show up on the scan, and they did.

Tracing the holes with white chalk was very quick and easy to do. It cleaned off very easy too. I will keep this information in mind whenever I am doing any wall mount installations in the future.

I now had a pattern I could use to put the screws on my wall to mount the power bar, without making any extra holes in the wall. So just remember if you have to copy anything that is dark in color and the lines do not show up just trace the lines with white chalk.

Installation complete. I am now ready to use my newly installed power bar and I have no unattractive holes on my walls.

The advantages of hanging a power bar in your studio are as follows:

  • You have easy access to a plug outlet
  • If you have furniture in front of your power outlet you can place the power bar in a location with easier access
  • You can easily turn off the power to everything that is plugged in with the power switch
  • You do not have to bend down to plug in your electric appliances
I hope you find my tip helpful. I am thinking this tip will work for hanging anything that will fit on the printer bed. If you do not have a copier/printer to use the chalk would also work to make a pattern. Just trace the holes with chalk in a contrasting color from the paper and place the item with chalk side towards your paper. Rub your hand on the paper around the chalk tracing and it will leave marks on the paper with your installation guide.

Happy Hanging


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