Saturday, March 30, 2013

About Me and My Favorite People

There are very few people who mean much more to me than my very best friend Lori.

I am on the right, & my lifetime friend Lori is on the left. 

I am a 51 year old mother to two and step mother to one. All girls. I have three wonderful grandchildren, two boys and one girl. Who I hope will soon live closer to us so we can see them more than once a year. I am married to the love of my life Bill, who is the most thoughtful guy in the world. Its not the big things
that make him so wonderful, it is the little thoughtful things he does everyday. The way he took care of his mother when she had Alzheimers. I know in my heart after seeing him with her that no matter how sick I get he is in it for ever he is just that type of guy. How many guys get up in the morning and do all the dishes from the night before because they know their wife may not be able to do them that day. I love you Bill. Ok no tears aloud. So I am also blessed with my girls. Lynsay is the oldest. She lives in Cranbrook with her husband Aaron and her three children Dylan, 13 Nigel 4 and Riley 2. We usually only get to see them once per year as it is about a fifteen to eighteen hour drive, depending on who is driving. Trina is our middle daughter. She is a computer ace, she is 22 now. She is my figure skater. We spent five days a week at the rink, while she tried her best to improve her sport. She sure loves it. I used to make all of her dresses, we were always surrounded by a world of rhinestones and glitter. Their dad is the only mechanic in town who used to go to work sparkling everyday, because it did not matter what you touched there was always glitter on it. Thank you Trina for helping me on this Blog, I could not have done it without you. Our youngest is Mandy. She is the most creative. She is the type to wear gumboots and a dress (together). She is an artist although she is still not fully committed to it, but I have been able to see it since she was just a wee babe. Mandy never really stuck to one activity, she has done art lessons, drum and guitar lessons, skating, swim club, and gymnastics. She really liked to try everything.  They have been the highlight of my life, and now that they are grown they are the best help you can imagine. Unfortunately my husband and I need more help than ever as we age. Check out this beautiful picture of all three of my beautiful girls. It was taken at Lynsay's wedding last year.

Pictured from Left to Right is Trina, Lynsay and Mandy. I love this picture, they are just so happy to be together. Each of them have such wonderful traits that make their dad and I so proud of them every day. I will post a future post about my beautiful grandchildren later as that is another whole post. I should mention my BFF Lori, as she is pictured above. We have been friends since ninth grade, which is a long time ago. We just had karma readings done in the last few weeks and our readings are so similar we were told we are parallel souls. I do not know what I would do without her love and support. She has always been able to understand everything about me. She is so sweet, doing little things like the last time I had surgery she showed up with all of her nail polish supplies and gave me a pedicure at home. It was so awesome. She is one of the sweetest people on the planet. She is on a journey of learning too, only hers is not about chronic pain like mine. You will find more about my chronic pain in my post.

Its a beautiful day Cherie

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