Friday, January 17, 2014

Pain Resource Center Link and In the Loop Newsletter

I receive a newsletter every month from the University of Victoria about pain and arthritis. This month the newsletter had a lot of really good information about the benefits of exercise to treat pain. Some of the studies quoted state that exercise can work better than prescription medicine in relieving some types of pain. It is very hard making yourself exercise when you hurt, which creates a nasty circle of pain. The exercise can be as simple as light weight lifting and walking. I always find things easier to deal with when I understand what I am dealing with, so I am an avid reader on health matters. It is always best when you know the information you are reading is real and not advertising for a product or service.

This months newsletter was one of the most interesting I have received to date. Who knew that brushing your teeth could help prevent plaque in your arteries. Or that eating fruits and vegetables as snacks is less expensive than packaged snacks. I found this months newsletter to be very informative. I could rewrite the information from the newsletter but it is probably much easier for all to check it out for yourself. Here is a link to the newsletter site. On the site you can subscribe too, so you can receive your own copy. In The Loop Newsletter Issue 80 December 4, 2013.

This months newsletter also included a link to the Pain Resource Center. The center has been created to be a safe and factual source of information on pain for Canadian readers. I have included a link to this valuable site. I found information about headaches that I have never read before. I get migraines almost daily so anytime I can find information that may be valuable I like to read it. I hope you find this site as valuable as I am finding it. This site is one of the best I have found on pain. There are lots of links to other sites that can help too.

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