Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Dream Bathroom Cabinet

This is the front view of my dream bathroom cabinet. It cost me $600.00 but it was worth every cent. Having all of our personal care products in an easy to access cabinet is so nice. No more bending and shifting of products, now everything is easy to see and use. 

Right now I would love to be posting about me seasonal Christmas Decor, but I am having trouble getting my decorations down from the attic. I am struggling with major migraines this week and my husband is in the middle of a gout flare up. Between us we are a matched pair. My pain is in my head and his is in his feet. We have a pull down staircase to the attic and he is unable to stand on the ladder rungs while his foot is in so much pain and that is where my Christmas decorations are stored. I like to get the decorating done early so I have time for other things too, but it will have to wait for now. I have added a few touches around the house, like the wreath hanging on the mirror and new Christmas towels for the bathroom and the kitchen, but for the most part 
I have been very busy (when my head is not hurting) making a few gifts for my family and friends. My next post will be about the little baby doll clothes I have been making for my granddaughter.

I have made all of my patterns for the doll as I could not find a pattern for a small 10 inch baby doll. These are the pj's that I have made for the doll and I am making a matching set for Riley. 
 I have been meaning for some time to do an update about my master bathroom. It is not finished yet (is it ever), as I still need a new bathroom sink and counter tops for the vanity. But I am very excited by one of the changes as it has been one of the best things ever. More like a Martha Stewart, It’s a Good Thing. I am talking about the medicine chest I had contracted out with my friend the carpenter. I cannot understand why this man is not run off his feet as his work is outstanding.  

My cabinet measures 35 inches wide and 65 inches tall. It is recessed into the wall between a couple of studs. When Laurie (my carpenter) constructed it he cut out the Gyp rock and then he added a frame to the opening. He had to remove one of the wall studs and then he created a header in the opening for support. This was done in a none load bearing wall. This is important as you do not want to do this in a weight bearing wall without a plan from an architect. As I am definitely not a carpenter I can only give you an unprofessional view of how this was done. When the opening was framed, Laurie built a cabinet to fit the space. The cabinet uses every inch that is usable, it is as tall as it could go without interrupting the light and as far down as it could go without touching the floor. The front of my cabinet is a framed mirror. The mirror cost me $85.00. Once Laurie had the mirror, he built a frame that fit the mirror exactly.

 The inside of my cabinet is constructed with one solid shelf that does not move (for support). There are four movable shelves in the cabinet, two above and two bellow the solid shelf. The shelves are four and a half inches deep. We painted the cabinet white to match my bathroom, and added one single crystal knob to open the door. This cabinet has been the greatest thing ever.
I had an electric outlet installed inside the cabinet to use with my hairdryer and hair iron. My goal is to install metal holders for my hair appliances, that can be used while they are still hot. I will get to that one day.

Everything is organised either by size or type. I have first aid type supplies on the top shelf. Band aides, antiseptics, Polysporin, gauze, small scissors etc. are all housed in small clear containers. As long as you put it back in the same place everyone knows exactly where to look when disaster strikes.  

I keep my makeup and skin care products in small clear organisers, loaded with my current favourites. On the lower shelves I keep tall things and future supplies.  One of my favourite things about this cabinet is that the light is right above the cabinet and I can get really close to the mirror while I am applying my makeup. I am near sighted (cannot see things at a distance) and I need to get very close to the mirror to see what I am doing. With this mirror there are no counters between me and the mirror. I can get up close to apply my mascara and foundation. Anyone who wears glasses will understand how hard it is to apply makeup without a close mirror.

Other than cleaning products, toothpaste, my husband’s shaving gear and my hair things everything is in the wall cabinet, leaving lots of room in the vanity for towels. This has been one of the best projects ever, I am so glad I had this done. It sort of disappears too, most people only see the mirror and not the cabinet, it just fits in. 

I have hung a simple circle of red berries on the mirror for Christmas, I will be adding some cut greens to the light fixture too, next week. 


  1. That is sweet! Now let me get this straight. This is set into the wall bettween wall joist? Did you have it made or was it pre made? Hubby install or you hired? Can you tell I am jealous and want LOL! But alas I have no moneys and plaster walls I am not about to cut into.

    1. Thank you for your enthusiasm Therese. Sorry it took me so long to reply. This cabinet is set in between three joist's. One was taken cut into as it is not a load bearing wall. My carpenter made a heading above the cabinet to make up for the cut joist. This is a custom made cabinet that I had made by a carpenter. It was expensive but it was worth it as it has made bathroom storage really easy.

  2. Brilliant use and solution for lack of storage space......Bravo !

    1. Thank you. I do love the extra storage space and it makes keeping things organized very easy as everything is easy to access.

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