Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Easy Lamp Transformations For Autumn

This Autumn I chose to decorate two of my living room lamps. The first lamp, I decorated the lamp shade. I wanted to do this so that it was a temporary decor, and easily changeable later.

 I do not want to buy a new shade, or to store one just for autumn either, so I came up with a way to add decoration with out permanent changes.

I had a stem of silk autumn leaves that I purchased at the dollar store.

 I used crafting scissors to remove the leaves from the stems. Do not use your fabric scissors for this as it will dull your scissors. I like to pick up extra crafting scissors from the dollar store. They are cheap so it does not matter what you cut with them. I keep a pair in my kitchen too for cutting open packages. I have a magnetic office holder on the side of my fridge, out of sight and it makes a perfect place to hold kitchen scissors.

 The next step is to remove all of the plastic veins and stems from the leaves. You only want the silk part of the leaf. I think you are better using silk leaves rather than real as you do not want any of the colour to stain your lamp shade.

 The next step is to apply photo mounting squares to the good side of the leaves. I used two to four mounts per leaf depending on how flat the leaf was. If it is really flat you probably only need two, but if it is not laying flat you may need to add more. The next step is to remove the backing tape from the photo mounts and randomly stick the leaves to the inside of your shade. Remember that most things look better in odd number groups 3 or 5.

 This is the inside of my lampshade. This is the last step, now you just need to replace the shade on the lamp and when you turn on your lamp you will have a subtle leaf design. When the lamp is off the design disappears.

I was really happy with this as it added a very easy but beautiful element to my living room decor.
I am looking forward to changing this in December for Christmas. I still have not decided what to use for the holiday season, it depends on how I decorate the top of the cabinet. Maybe snowflakes or red and green polka dots. So many options, and the nicest thing is the mounting tapes are very easy to remove.

For my second living room lamp I very simply used a grapevine wreath and tied it to some raffia, that I attached to one of the inside lampshade supports. I very simply added some glass berry sprigs and leaves to the wreath with hot glue. It was very easy. Then I tied it on the shade.

The wreath for this shade measures eight inches across. You want to find a wreath that is smaller than your lampshade. This also has lots of potential for other seasons. A simple cedar or holly wreath would look stunning for Christmas, or a wreath of roses for valentines day. Can you picture a small wreath covered with a white feather boa, with a simple bow. For spring you could use a very simple green wreath covered in fresh green moss. I really like to use items I already have to add to my seasonal decor. I get claustrobia if I add to much to my rooms, so using what is already there is much easier. Otherwise I remove my usual decorations and store them in my seasonal storage boxes until I am done with them. I cannot imagine trying to store a lamp or lamp shade for every season, so I prefer these simple changes.

I would love to hear what others have come up with to decorate their lamps. I have so many ideas for next year.


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