Friday, November 22, 2013

My autumn celebration and decor


This is the first year that I have blogged (I love it) so I have found myself behind on the dates that other blogs seem to follow when on when to post on various subjects. I enjoyed a wonderful summer this year that continued until the end of September and part way into October. In this time span I found myself reading many posts from other bloggers about Autumn decorating. I could not fathom where everyone was finding their beautiful leaves that had already changed colours as my garden was still in full bloom and my trees were still very green.

 I was very surprised to find out that a lot of posts are created months early as photo ops and are not real.  I found myself trying to rush into fall decorating in order to follow all of the other bloggers. I did not manage to create a post as I found it hard to decorate for fall when we were still enjoying summer. I have now decided to continue to post in real time, not blogging calendar time. When I find a beautiful leaf I will add it to my decor but not because it will entice more readers, but for the sheer beauty of the season. This year I created a few new decor items and settings for autumn that I would love to share. I find myself saving many posts to Pinterest for my own future enjoyment but I cannot see myself posting about autumn colours when my environment is still in another season. I love finding creative ways to celebrate the seasons, which is the real purpose of my blog. The creativity it takes to come up with my own ideas really helps to renew my spirit. I hope you enjoy my decor.

My first decorations are at my front door. A floral arrangement in a wooden box, a game piece from one of our favourite games (Probe). The cards are arranged to say FALL. A couple of black spider tea light candle holders. A old milk can and my hand painted gum boots. The sunflowers in the arrangement have been reconstructed with my own fabric. A tutorial for the floral arrangement will follow soon.

I would love to take credit for these painted boots but they were part of a gift basket we received for our our wedding. They have lasted 20 years as we celebrated our anniversary in August.

On my oak cabinet with a wine rack I have arranged my set of brass elk. Behind the elk I have a framed picture that I made from a graphic from of a man and elk skeleton. The roses in the red vase are a gift from my husband. Every year on our anniversary I take them outside and give them a good washing. The red vase is a gift from my best friend Lori. The two just work together, a gift from two of my most special people combined. They are roses that will last forever, so he no longer has to buy me roses anymore. It is a good thing they are of good quality and look like the real thing.

This picture has received lots of attention from guests to our home, as it is rather unique. The glass decanter is filled with blackberry liqueur, that is a perfect for sipping, I find it a perfect after dinner drink in the fall.

My husband hunts for elk so he really likes this display.  I love candles so the other decor elements are various candle holders. Wrought iron, mercury glass and a taper candle holder with a glass shade all work together to add a very homey touch. The lamp has been decorated with silk leaves on the inside of the lampshade. I will have a short tutorial to follow this week.

You will not have time to use these looks this year but they will save for another time. I already have more ideas for next year, but it is almost time to clear the slates and start decorating for Christmas (not until December first). I will not create a seasonal look that is not just for the sake of blogging. My posts are my real decor and all created with love and enjoyment. Mostly created at minimal cost using what I already have in my home.

This is our electric fireplace. It is beneath our new television that was our Christmas present to each other last year. I have changed the decorations in the cabinet with autumn accents. There is not very much room on top of the cabinet for decorations, otherwise they obstruct they television, so anything I put there has to be low. I have used two trays of votive holders, a crystal deer and a wire and glass leaf garland. The candle holders on the right were a birthday gift for my 50th birthday in June. The candle holder on the left is one I bought myself that has an iron tray with two birds and green candle holders. The leaf garland is something I picked up at the thrift store many years ago.

I have these giant orange pillows in my motor home; so rather than leave them all winter outside
I put them to use on the living room couch. They look a little large and bulky in this picture, but they are super comfortable and ready to cuddle up to. They really come in handy when someone wants to sit on the floor. We tend to like large pillows on our couch rather than the usual small decorative pillows.

 I have had this giant grapevine wreath for many years. Usually I do not decorate this wreath as it holds its own as it is. I have always liked this wreath the way it is, it has been a bargain at $20.00 considering the many years it has been on our wall. For fall I placed this small glass pumpkin into the curve of the wreath and it just works there. The wreath measures thirty-five inches across.

Just below the wreath is a small stacking table, that is home to a table lamp and various other decorations. I put a small grapevine wreath on the lamp, that is hung with some raffia that is tied to one of the lamp cross braces inside the shade. I added some small sprigs of glass beads to the wreath just to bring it to life. On the table to my usual decor I have added a small bottle that has a basket covering with a few branches of leaves. I also have a glass pumpkin and a small owl bottle. I am thinking of turning one of these into a mercury glass bottle one day. Both of the bottles were part of my earlier gift of bottles that I blogged about earlier in the year. Bottles, Bottles Every Where!

In the center of the room we have an old teak table that was given to us. Over the years it has taken a beating from daily use and our children playing on it. One day I will get around to refinishing it. For now it just works in our room, as we have a very large sectional sofa. Being square gives everyone on the couch equal table space. We are really bad and most of the time you will find us with our feet up on the table as if it is an ottoman. This is our style which is very casual comfort. I found this big storage book that I keep on the table to store things I use frequently but do not want to see. I keep my blood pressure meter, our extra remote controls, and a small flashlight (when we watch movies we turn off the lights so the flashlight is needed when you want to use the remote control).

I have this set of candle holders that have two layers of glass, so in the autumn I place leaves in the glass.

These candle holders work great as you can change them every season very easily and the leaves between the glass are not a fire hazard.

I have had these little tea light holders for years. For this fall I placed them on top of the hollow book on the coffee table.

On the bookcase I have the picture I put together this year for Thanksgiving. It is in need of a new frame as I tried to hang it on the wall and the 3M velcro picture hanger did not work and the picture fell, which broke the frame. So for now it is on a shelf until I get around to making a new frame. Here is the link for my download gift to you. A Little Thanksgiving Picture for you from me
I have added a few other accents around my home that are very small but all add to the season. 

This is a plate stand that I have filled with silk leaves and a few sprigs of orange berries. I have arranged some of my crop of spaghetti squash on the plate stand. They have made for a great autumn display on the kitchen counter, and at the same time allowed me to store some of my garden bounty.

These pumpkins and gourds are arranged on a corner shelf. The large mercury glass pumpkin I bought at winners. It has an led light inside that is battery operated. The gourds were all purchased at the second hand store. They are made from plaster. The orange gourd is paper mache that I purchased at the dollar store.

In the bathroom I added a simple sprig of leaves and berries to a vase that is part of my usual decor. One of the last of my autumn decor is that I found a package of orange wastebasket size trash bags. I put these into all of the waste baskets around the house. I hung up some towels from the motor home that have flowers in autumn colours in the half bath.

This is a small but very easy addition of autumn colour. 

I hope you have enjoyed my autumn decor. It will not be long and it will be time to decorate for Christmas. Next year I will try to be a little quicker about my seasonal decor. 


  1. Great Ideas, Cherie :) Sharon

  2. Thank you Sharon; I used the plate stand I bought from you as part of my Autumn decor. I could not have done it without you. I am glad you are a friend.