Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Little Fish, From the thoughts of babes

Sometimes when you take the time to notice the little things, especially when you have children around the cutest and most basic things happen. That is the subject of today's post. My darling little grand daughter whom I only get to see once a year (if I am lucky), noticed my jar of little seashells on the window sill of the small bathroom. On top of the seashells I had put a small ceramic gold fish.

This is the window sill, you can see several pots of plants and the seashells in the middle with the little fish on top of the shells. You may notice another little project the green plaid pot has red buttons on it. I used 
scrapbooking dots to stick the buttons on the pot so that it is a temporary addition. 

You cannot see it now as the blind is in an upright position but the blind has a single red stripe down its centre. So the small accent of little buttons on the pot is just enough to pick up on the small stripe in the blinds and the scrapbook dots work really good. I had to cut the post off the back of the maple leaf button with pliers. 

A close up of the little gold fish. When my grand daughter asked if she could have the little fish of course I gave it to her. I only see her a week out of every year. So I put it in her little hands and she cupped her little hands around it like it was the most precious of gifts. She was two at the time. I did not think much more about it at the time. Here is a picture of her below, isn't she sweet. Can you not see the spirit in her eyes. She has two older brothers and she already knows how to get her way with them. She is holding a little flashlight in the picture, but she has that same look on her face as she had with the fish, one of total pleasure.

An hour later I went into the bathroom again and there was the fish sitting in the sink with the plug in and an inch of water. Just enough for a fish to be happy. She did not want to keep the fish she just wanted him to have water like all little fish should have. She told me about it later. So the little fish has lived in the sink ever since. His name is Spud.

Here Spud is waiting for water. He stays in the sink unless it is being cleaned, or unless I am dumping out paint water or something really dirty.

He especially likes it when the taps get turned on just like Riley wanted for him. In the eyes of babes, she just knew something was missing. He is a much happier fish thanks to her.

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  1. Love that story :)

    1. Thank you Sharon; I do not know that I would have thought to put this little fish in the sink on my own. The inspiration really and truly was from the minds of a babe. I just happened to pick up on it and keep it.

  2. Hi Cherie!
    I love me too how much kids can play for hours with little things, no need of toys with batteries, lights and so on... When my daughter was younger, shoe could play for hours with a half litre plastic bottle filled with rice or beans... Now gave her a piece of paper and some crayon and... that's it!
    Thanks for your visit and for sharing this everyday story!
    I hope you can manage to follow me by email, I've checked and it's working for me... Let me know!
    Have a terrific week-end,
    MammaNene @

  3. Irene you are so right, Children can find joy in the most simple of things, that is what makes them so very amazing. There is nothing more joyful than the sound of children laughing, or the look in their eyes when they discover a new wonder in their world. I would not change a moment from my life as a mom except that it went so fast. I plan on making the most of every moment I can as a Grand Mother.