Thursday, October 10, 2013

October Toenails A little Web

I do not like to paint my finger nails, as it never stays done for more than a few hours at best. I will sometimes paint them if I am going out for a special occasion, but otherwise I stick to painting my toenails as I find painting my toe nails lasts for a few weeks or longer usually. In honor of the month of October I decided to paint little spider webs on my toe nails this time.

The steps were very simple. First I gave my nails a coat of orange polish. It is a rather bright orange, that came in a little tiny bottle.

I find it much harder doing my own toes than it is to do someone else's toes. It is so hard reaching my own toes. When the orange polish was dry, I took a little dab of clear polish and applied it to the left corner of each nail. I then applied a tiny rhinestone into the corner of each toenail using the clear polish as my "glue". When they were in place I then went over all of my nails with a thin coat of clear polish. 

Pretty easy so far. Anyone can do this.

I bought my rhinestones on Amazon for a few dollars for a large quantity of rhinestones. They came in many shapes and colours. Today I am only using the small round rhinestones. I also bought a large quantity of small brushes for nails at the same time. They were very inexpensive on Amazon. So if you shop through Ebates and purchase on Amazon you are going to get an amazing deal. If you sign up for Ebates through me, I also get paid money eventually, the more people sign up. You can do the same. I just sent out emails to a few friends regarding Ebates. If three of my friends sign up I get paid $50 in my pay pal account. I find that amazing. I like getting paid for shopping. I just looked it up and Amazon is paying 3% towards all of your purchases. That means that if you sign up for Ebates before you start shopping on Amazon, you will get paid 3% of the total of your purchases to your pay pal account. No matter what you purchase.

You can find a link to Ebates on the right side of my blog. I highly recommend you look into it if you do any on line shopping. They even supply merchant coupons. They make it very easy to save money. I love shopping, and saving money goes hand in hand with saving money.

This is many packages of mini rhinestones that I have repackaged into my own containers, just because I find it easier to store. It took me a full day to reorganise all of them, but it was worth it. The yellowish looking things are little pearls. The colour in the picture is just not very good. They are really white. I do not think I will run out of rhinestones in this lifetime. I like that I can use these rhinestones on cards and in jewellery too. They are very small, so they are not suitable for everything, but they are handy for more than just nail art.

The brushes are all very fine. I have been using some of them with paints as well. Some of them have very fine points. I have found them to be of fairly decent quality considering the price I paid.

My next step was to take some black polish. I used a disposable palette, which I buy at the dollar store. I pick mine up at Dollarama for a dollar. They are very handy. They are waterproof and the sheets are disposable. You use each sheet with whatever paint or glue or whatever you are using and then you tear it off and discard it. You do not need a palette, they are just really handy. You can use a plate, a paper plate, a piece of paper, parchment paper, or butchers paper. It is your choice. I choose to use the disposable palette's. Sometimes I have used plastic lids from used margarine containers, they work well too.

What I have done above is to take a small dab of nail polish with the brush and put it on the palette. I then take the small brush and paint the design on my toe nail with the nail polish. A spider web is a very easy design. From the rhinestone, with black nail polish, draw a few straight lines fanning out away from the rhinestone. You will then take the black polish and make little loops between the lines to make the webs. Easy. Make sure you only take a small amount of nail polish at a time. It is important to work with fresh nail polish as it dries very quickly. So just take a small quantity and replenish it often.

If you do not have a really small paint brush you can draw the small lines with a toothpick. It works pretty good too. Just take your time, that is the most important thing. As long as you take your time it is easy. When it is dry. Give it one more coat of clear top coat and you should be good for the rest of the month.

Over the years I have been asked to do nail art for my two daughters class rooms. One year I went in the day after 100 day, and they had 101 day. They watched the movie 101 dalmations and I painted the fingernails of all 30 students with white fingernails and little black dots. For those of you who do not know what 100 day is, the children all bring in a collection of 100 things and then they practice counting to 100. Another year I went in for Halloween and did special requests for Halloween nails. Most of the children asked for black cats, pumpkins, stars, orange and black and simple things like that. And then I had one little boy come and ask me to paint the Grim Reaper. At that time I did not have any small brushes, I was simply using a little toothpick. That was one of my great challenges in life, Doing 10 little fingernails (he was 7 or 8) with a toothpick in the image of the Grim Reaper. I really wish I had pictures as it is something I will never forget.

Happy Halloween. Did I tell you I am terrified of spiders.


  1. OMG they are just too cute~I'll be right over to have mind done :)

  2. Sure Pam come on over anytime! I Love painting someone else's toes or fingers so much easier than doing my own. Only condition is no Grim Reaper.