Friday, October 25, 2013

Gluten Free Unstuffed Roasted Turkey with an herb and garlic rub

MMM...Thanksgiving Turkey made Gluten Free for me but it was still wonderful. I tried to find a way to make the stuffing and turkey taste as good as what we are used to in years past.

By inserting my herb mixture under the skin of the turkey you get more flavour throughout the bird. As eating turkey skin is not good for you, this adds the flavour directly to the meat, rather than on the surface of the skin.

I like to transfer the turkey to a new serving plate for dishing up. It is not always too appetising to look at the turkey carcass when you are serving yourself.

The turkey was roasted unstuffed so that there was no cross contamination to the bird for anyone with extra allergy concerns. After washing and cleaning the bird, I made an herb rub to go under the skin. The rub was made of a ½ cup of gluten free soy free margarine spread, ½ cup of chopped fresh parsley, ¼ cup of chopped fresh rosemary, a ½ cup of fresh chopped basil and two cloves of crushed garlic. I then added 1 tsp. of rock salt and black pepper. With your hand loosen the skin of the turkey, along the breast and the legs. I used my hands to rub the herb mixture under the skin of the turkey until I was happy with the distribution of the herb mixture. Just make sure you wash yourself up with lots of soap and water after handling the bird. I then seasoned inside the turkey with salt and pepper. I peeled two whole onions and put them in the cavity of the turkey just for extra flavour. The outside skin of the turkey, I rubbed with a little olive oil. I peeled four carrots and put them in the roasting pan, under the turkey as if they are a rack. This keeps the bird off the bottom of the pan, and later it gives your gravy tons of extra flavour. I always use the turkey cooking calculator on the web site If you have never roasted a turkey they have full instructions on the butterball site too.

This is by far the most accurate way I have found to cook a perfect turkey. Just read the weight of your turkey from the packaging and enter it into the calculator and choose your cooking method (stuffed or unstuffed) and it gives you an exact cooking time. It could not be easier. I always allow about a half hour of resting time for my turkey before carving and serving, which gives you time to prepare your other dishes as well.

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