Friday, October 25, 2013

Gluten Free Traditional Mashed Potatoes

Our mashed potatoes used to be made with milk and butter for mashing, but no one seems to miss these ingredients. I now use gluten free chicken broth and vegan margarine (I use Earth Balance Soy Free buttery spread) in my mashed potatoes.
I am allergic to dairy and soy so these changes work for me. You can use whatever fat you choose and you can substitute milk or alternative milk for the broth too. We have used almond milk and had great results too. They are equally fluffy and delicious. A few tips for mashed potatoes are as follows:

·         Be sure to cook your potatoes until they are fork soft but not mushy
·         For the best results start with cold water when boiling your potatoes, it helps them cook more evenly
·         Save your potato cooking water for your gravy
·         Always mash your potatoes when they are hot, otherwise they get lumpy
·         Mash your potatoes until the lumps are gone before you add the margarine & broth to prevent lumps
·         Since I have arthritis in my hands and shoulders I use my stand mixer to mash my potatoes, but a good old potato masher works fine if you do not have a mixer
·         Serve with gravy or butter or margarine (we like to float our plates with gravy)

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