Friday, October 25, 2013

Beautiful Crystal Brooches, found on Facebook

A few days ago I found these beautiful brooches on a Facebook sale site. I wore the feather brooch on my jacket yesterday and even though I did not go very far (to the doctor and home) I had five total strangers stop me to ask about it. I am really pleased with my two purchases as they are so beautiful. The prices were good too.

I wore the feathered brooch with this jacket. It really suits the pretty curved lines of the brooch. Believe it or not the cost of this stunning piece of jewellery was only $22.00. I like to wear things that sparkle, from clothing to jewellery. Most people save things like this for special occasions, I wear my sparkles whenever I want to. They make me feel good and special and since I am in pain and sick all of the time I find wearing things I love helps me to feel happier and less sick. The therapy I receive from wearing clothes and jewellery is beyond good. The address of the Facebook Group is: 

If you apply to be a member you can leave Vicki Lynn a message of the products you are interested in. She will then contact you and arrange pickup or shipping. Very easy and you do not have to go out of your home. 

If you are overweight and waiting to buy a good wardrobe, which is something I have been guilty of in the past, jewellery does not change its size, so you can wear it no matter what size you are. 

I have not worn the black pin yet, but I wanted to share it with you. As you can see I also like clothing with lots of details too. This little jacket I bought at the consignment shop for $15.00. They sell this product line on BC Ferries and at Apple Seed Cottage in Campbell River. I love wearing these jackets as they look super dressy and they are made from sweatshirt fabric so they are so comfortable and cozy. They are also super easy to care for. The cream jacket I paid full price for on BC Ferries, $120.00, but I really love it. I have not been there, but they have a new on land gift shop in Vancouver too. I almost always buy something when I make the ferry trip these days as they have such beautiful things. In case you want to know more about the jackets, the product line is Neon Buddha. Their quality is great and everything I have bought from them has been super comfortable but stylish. I love that I can now wear a sweatshirt that looks like I am all dressed up.

 Appleseed Cottage Gift Store: 2266S Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC V9W 2G8


Is this not stunning? This little brooch was only $12.00. The new friend who runs the Facebook auction site is a very kind lady who has suffered much loss in the past few years. She is only now starting to become able to go through her products again after suffering too many family loses. 

Vicki Lynn who curates the site will be glad to help you with your purchases and questions. She is very helpful. I just have to include a picture of this stained glass church window that she is selling. It is beyond stunning and if I had $6000.00 I would certainly have it in my home.

I have only shown you the brooches I purchased but Vicki also has beads, charms, earrings, rings and necklace settings and she has more glass work to enhance your home too. 

I hope you get to check it out and support a great lady, who will help you with the greatest of pleasure. 
I have in no way been re numerated for this post, I am only sharing products I have found and love, as they make me feel better despite my pain. 

Happy Pinning (not Pinterest your lapel instead) Cherie


  1. Beautiful, Cherie, I love how you combine the jewellery and your outfits.. It's so important to get dressed up sometimes even if it's to go to the store (or as in your case, to the Dr.). Thanks for the great blog, Sharon C.

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment. I try very hard to put extra effort into how I take care of myself and how I dress. It makes such a big difference when you are not feeling good to know you have dressed your best. I find the worse I feel the more effort I put into how I look. It should be part of therapy for anyone dealing with a chronic illness.

  3. Looking good Cherie! Enough receiving your posts. Hugs. Iona (Can I borrow your orange jacket?!)

  4. That should read "Enjoy receiving your posts"

  5. Thank you for the compliment; I am glad you enjoy reading my posts as I really enjoy writing them. Of course you can borrow my orange jacket (anytime). So happy you will be part of the family officially soon. Love you