Saturday, October 26, 2013

As Per My Face Book UpDate....This is my eating plan progress

I am going to start out this post with an excerpt from a recent Facebook status I posted, promising more information. My post went as follows:

I had a great surprise yesterday; I went shopping with Mandy (my youngest daughter) yesterday to get her new pants for her new job. She needs the standard black pants, black or white shirt. Well my pants at home have been feeling a little baggy and uncomfortable too, so I decided to try on a pair of pants and just see how they fit. At home I have been wearing a size 12. Not too bad as in January I was wearing a size 22 Pant.

 These are my new size 8 pants in a jacket I love to wear. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but I was on my own so I stood in front of the mirror and took my own pictures. Even though they are not great pictures they still show the difference between then and now.

This is me at my biggest. I will say it now but I would never have told anyone my weight then I was 230 pounds. I was wearing a size 22. I have gone through a lot of clothes in the time since February 15th which is when I stated strictly following my eating plan. Its not that I eat too much, I believe it was because I was eating foods I was allergic to. That is really the only change I have made to my diet and it has worked so good. My plan has not only allowed me to lose all of this weight it has also helped me feel better too.

Last year I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and food allergies and for a while I followed my food plan, and then I got a little of track and ended up all the way back up to my highest weight ever, which is 230 pounds.  I want you to know that I have not dieted at all. I have avoided the foods that I am allergic too, and have a condition with. So I avoid all gluten and wheat; corn, rice, soy, dairy, oranges, peas & family, peanut, legumes & beans. I also avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners and as I have uric acid crystals in my urine I have been told to eat low purine as well. 

The test used to diagnose Celiac Disease is a blood test done by your doctor. You must not eliminate gluten from your diet before the test as your results will not be accurate if you do. I also had a Celiac Genetics test done by my naturopathic doctor. It turns out I have two genes for Celiac Disease (one from both parents).
So I do not really diet, because I never limit how much I eat. If I am hungry I eat, until I am no longer hungry, but I do not eat any packaged, processed foods, because none are available that I can eat. I do most of my cooking from scratch. I even grew my own garden this year. So the great part of this story is, I was not expecting the weight lose it is a bonus due to changing my diet for health. To diagnose my food allergies was a little more work than the Celiac test. I had to follow an Elimination Food Plan. Here is a post I did earlier this year about my elimination diet.

This is the link to the on line elimination diet that I followed to diagnose my food allergies. It is called the Comprehensive Elimination Diet. The key to following this food plan and discovering what foods cause you problems is to keep a strict food diary.

When you are off of the foods you are allergic to for a while you will start to notice a pattern when you eat foods that cause you problems. I also eliminated sugar and artificial sweeteners too. I have Fibromyalgia and inflammatory arthritis and there is a lot of information about artificial sweeteners and joint pain. I have also found that artificial sweeteners and sugar trigger migraines to which I am very prone. There is a lot of information out there about "diet products" actually making you more hungry and enabling weight gain. I now use honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and agave for sweetening. I no longer miss sugar. I posted in March a write up about my soda pop alternative. I love this combination as I still get that little fizz that makes your drinks seem more exciting. I really only drink my soda pop alternative, herbal teas and water.

When I tried on the pants I came home with a pair of size 8 pants. How could I leave them behind when it has been so long since I wore such a small size. I have not worn a size 8 since before I had Trina. She will be 23 in a few weeks. If you would like to hear more of my story I am going to post a little about what I eat and do not eat and why over the next month or two on my blog. I could go on but my blog is a better place to tell my story. 

I am going to search and find a few pictures of my self from over the years, there are not many as usually I have been rather camera shy, not feeling to good about how I was looking. It does not seem to matter what anyone says you still feel the same way. There are a few wonderful brace plus size ladies out there that do not let it bother them, but for the most part I think most of us are like myself. Uncomfortable, Embarrassed, and just plain wishing we looked different. Even when we say its alright, really its not as being overweight causes lots of discomfort. I have lost sixty-one pounds so far. I still have more to lose before I am considered a healthy weight, but I know it will come off in time. I recently joined TOPS with a friend as I do not own a scale and I want to keep myself accountable to my eating plan. Even though I eat this way due to allergies and a disease I do not want to go back or revert to my old way of eating in the future.

This picture is extra bad as I am in the kitchen, in my nightgown and my hair has not even been brushed. Talk about embarrassing. When you see a picture of yourself then and now it really hits you just how much you have changed. When I look in the mirror I do not see the difference like I can in these pictures. I am more than willing to answer any questions anyone has about following an eating plan like mine. The biggest thing is to find recipes that can be adapted to what you can eat. I find for myself due to the rice allergy that most Paleo diet recipes are the easiest for me to adapt. The Paleo diet uses more coconut and nut flours in place of wheat which fits with my allergies.

I also have a condition called Gastroparesis. What this means is that when I eat, my food stays in my stomach for much longer than it should. When I had a test for this an egg I ate for the test that was laced with radioactive material stayed in my stomach for six hours. They stopped the test after this amount of time, but the egg still had not moved. I have been able to figure out that it is at least ten hours before my stomach clears as I can sometimes still feel that full feeling you get after you eat for that long. I do not know how this affects my weight loss I just know that I am not as hungry as I used to be. I have to make myself eat sometimes just because I know I should. I do try to keep my meals on the smaller side as this seems to digest easier. I also peel all of my vegetables and fruits on the recommendation of my dietitian as peeled foods are easier to digest.

I hope this helps anyone who does not over eat but cannot lose weight. I fully believe that my weight loss is due to not eating foods that cause an allergic reaction in my body. It also helps that I do not eat the infamous white foods. Flour, rice, sugar etc.

I have lots of my bigger clothes for sale on a facebook selling group. All of the clothes I have listed are in excellent condition. Some of them (most) have only been worn a few times before I changed size and could not wear them anymore. I like nice clothes so I have lots of really good quality clothes that I am selling.

I must say it has been lots of fun fitting into regular size clothes, mostly because there are just so many choices. I love to shop at thrift stores and consignment for clothes, I love the deals when you find something you love and it costs less money. I have had to buy lots of new clothes too as I have gone along as the old clothes are way too big now. Last week I even had to have my glasses tightened as they were falling off of me. I was afraid they were going to do something awful like fall in the toilet. I also had to buy new underwear as the old ones were falling down when I was walking. I cannot believe how much nice underwear cost, and they are not something I like to buy used. It was just a little sticker shock when I bought a bunch all at once. 

Best of luck if you are going to try and venture into this type of eating plan. I highly recommend you talk to your doctor before starting any new way of eating. It is also good to get a few tests done before you start so that you have more proof of your progress. Tests like your cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar fasting are a good place to start. These results are greatly affected by weight loss. I also recommend you take your body measurements and not just your weight. 

I am so happy with how my eating plan is going. I did not think I would ever lose the extra weight I had put on as my activity level is so low due to health obstacles. This could not have been easier to follow. If I eat the foods that are not on my plan it makes me sick so it is very easy to stick with it.



  1. this is awesome Cherie! you look awesome! Id like to try this way of's alot of work. i think John would have to be on board.

    1. It is definitely easier to follow a plan like this if you have the support of your family. Even if you do not though it is pretty easy to implement. Some of the changes I have made to our regular menu are very simple. Like using gluten free, allergy free chicken broth in mashed potatoes rather than dairy and soy margarine. I try to include recipes I have found that I have been able to adapt to this way of eating without disrupting anyone else. I think I will do a post about some of these changes and how to make a plan like this easier to use within a family unit. I personally find it very easy. If you do not use packaged foods and do your cooking from scratch no one notices "missing foods". I still eat meat, potatoes and a vegetable for dinner many nights. Thank you for the compliment. It feels great to lose the weight.

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  4. I like to include Turmeric in many of my recipes as it has such good properties. I always buy my turmeric organic as some of the foreign sources are contaminated with toxins. My Naturopath doctor recommends it to fight inflammation. It is great to include in your morning shake too.