Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Bevy of Bunnies in One Cross Stitch Collection... I love my Bunnies

Counted Cross Stitch books are full of lots of really nice or cute small patterns for anything you can think of. One of my favorites just happens to be bunnies. But what do you do with all of those small little cross stitch designs, you can only make so many jar toppers, and after a while you have your walls full too. I came across this idea for stitching on a piece of linen to make a blanket. I love it.

In case you are wondering the cat pillow is a needlepoint I was lucky enough to find completed at the second hand store for $2.00. I just made it into a pillow and put my own pillow inside of it. As you can see from my little blanket it has many small cross stitch patterns on it, spread around randomly. The only tie between them is that they are all bunnies. They all came from different books, collected over the years.

Around the edges I have pulled the threads and knotted them to create a fringe. This is such an easy way to collect any small cross stitch designs whatever they may be. I am thinking of doing one in Christmas designs, only I am thinking of using heavier fabric with waste canvas so I would have a warmer blanket.

Here is a close up of some of the cross stitch designs on the blanket.

In the center of the blanket is this bevy of bunnies stitched mostly in shades of grey. There is just something about them that just catches your heart when you look at them. The little hits of colour are just enough to bring them to life.

My bunny, buzz bunny loves carrots fresh out of the garden so I can only imagine that this is true for this little guy too. Isn't everyone's hope that all of their dreams come true.

I love this bunny and this verse too. Buttons, bunnies and bows. Treasures of the heart anyone knows. I love buttons especially. I have a big collection (well not huge, I only wish it was) of vintage buttons. There is just something about them that draws you in. I find it hard to believe that some people do not know how to sew them on, they are such a simple thing.

I do not know what it is about this little guy, I have a weakness for hearts. On my pinterest boards they have a board all of their own.

The colours in this little design drew me in. I know bunnies cannot wait to hide where ever they can when they are out and about, so why not in a bunch of flowers, or the carrot patch as my bunny does.

I hope you like my bevy of bunnies. I think it is the perfect way to do your cross stitch and have your bunnies too.

I thought I would include a couple of pictures of my pet bunny too. His name is Buzz Bunny. He started out as a house bunny, until he chewed the lamp cord. That is how he got his name. We do bring him in if the weather gets really bad. We have a smaller cage that is his home base in the house. He is a lion head rabbit. He is about six or seven years old (a gift from my youngest daughter), she knew I loved bunnies. His hair really does stand up all on its own.

He is very temperamental if he is not happy he flips his food dish. When we feed him we have to spend ten or fifteen minutes of loving before he will eat his food, otherwise he will not eat. When he is in the house he likes to play with the little plastic balls that have bells in them that you get for cats. You throw it and he chases it. Only he does not bring it back. He lets you do that for him. He likes you to run with him too. 

He loves his diet of bunny pellets, fresh carrots (right now they are fresh from the garden, tops and all). I grew purple skin carrots and my husband will not eat them so the buzz gets them all. He also gets a big hand full of dandelion greens everyday while they are in season. Oh and do not let me forget the apple a day. He is a very gourmet or picky (which ever you choose) bunny. He really likes Gala Apples, it seems if we give him other types he piles them up at the back of his cage until they go bad. Whats not to love. He also makes great fertilizer. We have the best rhubarb in town. 

Have a great day

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