Sunday, September 15, 2013

This is why I carry on every day

I was at my breaking point when I came across a video by Mandisa. The name of the song is Overcomer. It explains a lot about living with chronic pain.

Mandisa's Overcomer can be found at this link.

Mandisa Overcomer 

Starting to wonder what on earth it is that I did in another life that was so bad, that I am paying for now. And then you see something like this that makes it all so much better and reminds us to keep on pushing and that there are so many more of us out there too.
I was having a bad day today. Suffering from another migraine and a very sore neck. Rejoicing from a second negative opinion about Multiple Sclerosis, but still down with a severe migraine. We had traveled from Campbell River to Vancouver which involves a two hour car ride and a two hour ferry ride each way for the doctors appointment. Now most people would handle that alright but for me that is enough to shut me down for a few days or sometimes a week.

Normally I do not mind the ferry ride at all, except for the price. I have been on boats my whole life, but for the past five months I have had vertigo (a type of dizziness) so from the moment I step onto the boat I am severely sea sick. I have tried every type of cure I can come up with. The little wrist bands, chewable ginger Gravol. I am even on a very strong anti nausea prescription drug called Ondansetron and I am still sick. So this particular appointment we went to and came back from all in one day. Usually we stay over one night so it was a really rough trip. Now I must say no matter how sick I am I always try to use distraction to get through anything that is too hard to handle, and on the ferry they have the most amazing gift shop. I only bought earrings this time, but they have some pretty awesome clothes, purses, coats, jewellery, books, and lotions and other misc. stuff. Who ever is doing their buying is a genius. Check out the earrings I bought this trip are they not beautiful. They remind of peacocks without being too literal. I do not want to walk around with little animals in my ears, but I love the creative inspirations from the animals or birds as they may be.

I have not had a chance to wear them yet, as I have been in bed with a migraine, but I just love the colours in them and the shape. They always have such nice stuff. They had some really nice jewellery made from copper pennies that were very intriguing but I was on a budget this month.

So the point of this little story is I had just come back to bed, been here all day pretty much, hiding in the dark. My bedroom has dark brown curtains so it is the only room that stays dark enough during the day for a migraine. But my husband Bill was home and had made me dinner which we had eaten in the dark. He said a few funny things to make me laugh like he always does, he is such a lovely treasure to have around. He then gives me a beautiful hug to help renew my spirit which is severely trampled by this time of the day. I in turn let out a little bit of a smile. A few hours later when things escalate to levels we do not want to talk about I am at the end of my coping abilities. I of course just need another hug, a heat bag warm up and to hear a human voice for a minute or two just to know I am not alone. I cannot sleep because the pain is too severe, so I am sitting in the dark typing this. I am not alone because I am with all of you. But the most amazing thing happened just when I thought I could not do it anymore. I just could not wait to share her amazing message with you too, despite my pain and that is a distraction in itself so thank you for taking my mind off my pain (and you didn't even know you were helping me). Imagine.

Are you an Over Comer Too?


  1. I hope you feel better soon Cherie! I've been fortunate to have never had a real migraine and they sure don't sound like fun!

    1. Thank you Donna; I will hopefully be better soon. I am soon to try Botox as my newest line of attack for migraines. So hopefully I will lose the migraines and come out looking better too! For a change there is a rainbow as a side effect, not that I have too many wrinkles yet but at fifty we do start to think of these things, even when we are in pain.