Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Reversible Ironing Board Cover

I made a new reversible ironing board cover today. I thought it wise to have a light and a dark cover. Really the colour is not just in case you cannot make up your mind what colour you like that day. Sometimes if you are working with really fine fabrics you will need a light coloured ironing board. You know your daughter is getting married and you are sewing a fine silk dress.
(Just an example girls don't get excited) I wanted to have the light coloured cover available to me but I like the darker colour to look at the rest of the time. It was very easy to make my cover reversible as you finish the cover with bias tape any how.

Dark cover in beautiful purples and pinks, with a little gold fleck.

Light cover in a white background with a pretty light blue and summer green flower.

To make a pattern I took this old ugly cover that was already on my ironing board off. Thank goodness. It is getting really stained and it is beige and I really hate beige. I loosened all of the cord that held it on from the casing.

When all of the cord was loosened I simply laid the old cover on my fabric and used it as a pattern to cut a new cover. I cut two covers the same size. I added an extra inch at the wide end of the ironing board as part of that end of the cover gets hemmed. I put my two pieces of fabric right sides together and stitched a narrow hem at the wide end of the cover. I then applied bias tape around the outside edge of the cover, starting at the wide end about three inches from the centre. Pin the bias tape all the way around your cover and leave a three inch opening at the wide end. Stitch your bias tape close to the edge all the way around your cover.

This is an example of a few of the bodkins I have, I am sure there are many more. These simple ones work just fine. Most jobs the simple safety pin works. For this job I found because it was so long that the cord came off before I got to the end with the safety pin, so I used the bodkin pictured below. I did figure out if your cord comes off before you get to the end and you are almost there, do not pull it all the way out and start over. Simply open up the bias tape where it has come off the bodkin and reattach it to the bodkin and finish threading it through the channel as you can go back and sew the little opening in the bias much quicker. 

Using a bodkin, or a small safety pin insert a cord or strong string into the passage made with the bias tape around the edge of your cover. You will now tighten this around the edges of your ironing board and it will hold your board in place. Done. See that was really easy.

It was a little hard showing what this looked like with a big ironing board and last week I was lucky enough to find this little sleeve board at the second hand shop for $1.00. I have always wanted one. I also covered this to match my ironing board so it is easy to show what the bottom of the ironing board looks like too as the same technique is used.

I now have a reversible ironing board cover with a matching sleeve board. The ironing board is hanging on its own custom covered wire hanger ready to use. I do not have to store a white ironing board cover for light delicate jobs all I have to do is flip my cover over and I am ready to go.

This is a picture of the whole thing put together. The newly covered hanger mounted on the wall. The iron hanging on it. The newly covered ironing board hanging below it, ready and waiting. The white reversible side neatly waiting for a light coloured job. My new sleeve board that I paid a $1.00 for at the second hand shop all nicely covered to match. As you can see I have also hung my lint brush from the hanger too, as this is a great place to have one. I find it especially handy when I am ironing my husbands black dress pants, just to get any little bits off and make them look perfect. With the lint brush and roller in such a handy place I never have to go looking for it. I also keep one hanging in my closet beside my long mirror for when I get dressed. I only need a small shelf now for the last of my ironing supplies. The water jug, ironing ham, sleeve roll, spray starch and I always keep a pressing cloth and a little roll of parchment paper just for the odd things I may need it for. I have a basket for all these things, just need a shelf. (I will find one but I want the right one before I put it up and I want it in the right place so it is easy to use and I do not know where that is yet.) I have yet to post the directions to cover a toilet paper roll as this one is rather cute and then this area off the studio has run its coarse.

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