Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Studio Organization Started in the first Corner Here with an old laundry hamper

So what was once a laundry hamper is now an amazing storage unit for otherwise little used pillow forms and plastic bags which are also waiting to become pillow filler. I have been told that old plastic bags make amazing filler for outdoor pillows, so I am taking everyones recycled plastic bags. The only problem with that is where to store them while you wait to make your amazing pillows. So this is my solution.
I needed a side table to my new comfy chair that I recently purchased for my studio. So I found an old laundry hamper that was no longer in use for laundry. It had long since lost its lid so I put it in the corner of the room, filled it with large pillow forms and bags of plastic bags. How exciting huh.

 I then found a board to use as a top. This is not the board that will be the top on a permanent basis as it will eventually be used on the wall as a peg board to hold tools and such, but until I can get a board cut it is doing the job. It was clean and the perfect size. 

 Now for aesthetics, I love cut work so why not display some of my favourite table clothes as long as they are on tables that will not be in the line of fire (or paint). This little table should be pretty safe. The main purpose of this little table will be to hold a small lamp and a dish to collect threads from hand sewing. I have added a pin cushion and a little dish to hold a stitch ripper and little scissors. The pin cushion is in the shape of a ladies fitting bust, I have pinned on a package of needles so I have access to all sizes of needles without having to get up while sitting there sewing. I have hung a small decorative plate and a cross stitch to look at. Don't you just love the quaint little lamp. I picked  up the lamp and the shade separately at a second hand shop and put them together. The shade has little dancers painted on the inside of the shade so when it gets dark out you can see them. The bottle is one of my favorites from the bunch that my Dad gave me. The little basket is to collect bits of thread and stuff in. Its a favorite basket of mine. I have had it for years. It is woven to look like a birds nest. Sitting collecting bits of threads seems a perfect job for my little basket.

My next step was to hang a couple of power bars. They make life much easier in the studio for several reasons. First you can plug in multiple things and then turn off one button to shut everything off. Second if the plug outlet is behind something. Thirdly I currently have vertigo (dizzy) so I have trouble bending forward without losing my balance so putting the plugs at a non bending level is of great health benefit. So I went in search of a great deal on power bars and came home with two APC black power bars from London Drugs. They were $15.00 and have a lifetime warranty. You cannot do much better than that. When I bought them the salesman told me this great installation trick. (already seen it on Pinterest) to scan the back of the power bar to get the layout for the wallmount installation. What he did not tell me was that my power bar was black and that the scanner was black and the holes are black and they would not show up. This is the picture I got.

So I thought about it for a little while (not too long) and figured out that if I traced around the holes for mounting with white chalk as pictured they would show up on the scan, and they did.

I now had a pattern I could use to put the screws on my wall to mount the power bar, without making any extra holes in the wall. So just remember if you have to copy something that is not a light colour to scan to make a pattern. Trace it with white chalk and then scan it.

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