Friday, September 13, 2013

A new life for an old ironing board and accessories

To a sewer there are few tools more important than the iron. A good seamstress knows that quality sewing lays in the foundation of good ironing skills. When I was learning to sew I was fortunate enough to come across two books about sewing that set me up as a quality sewer. The first book was a small handbook about Couture Sewing (name unknown) and the second was Palmer & Pletsch Tailoring made easy. In these books I learnt
the wonders of creative ideas and that you can do anything as long as you baste first and use your iron. The other girls were making aprons and I made a tailored jacket. I had already sewn a blouse and skirt before this at four H sewing club but this was a very big undertaking for sewing class in high school. I like to keep my ironing board handy, but I also do lots of other crafts and projects where I want it put away. So having it hang on the wall in the corner is perfect. I can pull it out when I am sewing or on laundry day and when I am doing something else it goes away nice and neat. With the new colours I am using covering it with, it is also going to become part of the decor.

This picture shows several projects involving my Craft Room Studio Renovation. One of the first projects was to fix the plastic coated wire ironing board hanger and the clothes hanging attachment that is also plastic coated. Both of these pieces are made from heavy wire and coated with a plastic coating which over time has started to flake and chip off. I could just replace them, but this would cost me a bit of money and it would not look nearly as nice as what I have done. I have also never seen a clothes hanging rack like the one I already have, so I do not want to get rid of it. It just clips on to the end of the ironing board so you can hang your clothes on it when you are done ironing. 

This is the wall rack, as you can see the plastic coating is really peeling off. They are not that expensive to replace. I found one similar at London Drugs for about $15 but I already have this one so I might as well fix what I have. But if you do not have one, it works great and you may just want to customise yours.

This rack I have not found anywhere else, but if you can find one, buy it. It works great. It just clips onto the end of the ironing board and you hang your clothes on it when you are done ironing them. It works really good, except mine is getting very old.

This is the plastic coating coming off. Apparently you can get paint that you can dip the metal into, but I found a much easier solution I think looks better too. I wrapped mine with bias tape (home made of coarse) and then I brushed it with Mod Podge to seal it. This gave me a finished product and I think they look great too. If you make your own bias tape you can pick any colour you want. It was really easy to wrap around the wire and no to the metal work was needed. I just wrapped right over the chipped plastic.

After they were wrapped and Mod Podged I let them dry over night and then they were ready to use.

This was the only real prep that was required and that was to iron my bias tape out flat. I used home made bias for most of the project and I used some ready made bias for some accent bits, but wrapping was easier if it was ironed first.

So as you can see this is everything I used for this project. The metal holders for the clothes and the iron. The bias tape, most of which was home made. Mod Podge, Dollar store vinyl gloves just to make cleanup easier, a foam brush, a plastic work mat for the project to dry on overnight. As you can see they look much better than when I started, and no more chipped plastic. The bias tape is some I had left over from another project. I will do another Blog about how to cut bias tape later.

I now have a very colourful hanger for my iron and for the clothes at the end of my ironing board. My next Blog I will make a new cover for my ironing board to match, and a covered cord holder.

My one of a kind iron hanger. You cannot tell from the picture, but the centre of the holder is done in purple. It looks a little black in the picture.




  1. I have a clip on hanger just like this and it's looking really shabby and I was wondering what to. . I'll give it the same treatment as yours - it'll look great.

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