Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Dream Studio .... but first I must get through this disaster.

The first the I want to say, is I am sorry I have not posted for so long. It will not happen again (or I hope it will not). I had a rather major health scare that threw me for a mental loop and it was just not in me to cope with everyday things and writing a blog too. Thankfully my health scare has been resolved. I was told I had Multiple Sclerosis and now I have been cleared that I do not. For the first time in my life I was unable to research a condition while I was waiting for my appointments I just had to wait. I was so scared
to lose the ability to do the things I love I could not bring myself to find out what lay ahead. This is not like my normal self. I am usually the first person to read everything I can find. I am just thankful that I do not have MS and life can now return to normal. I now have symptoms that are unexplained, but hopefully they are not from a condition that can be as life altering as MS. I am finding that I am now able to mentally put my thoughts together again and should be able to blog on a regular basis. I have been taking pictures and notes while I have been unable to put my words in print so I should have some prolific blogs for a while. Now on to something a little more cheerful. The disaster that happened in my studio crafts room.

One of my favourite magazines is Studios by cloth paper scissors. They call it  "Inspiration and Ideas for your art and craft space". I like to read about the spaces big and small that other creative people use to do their work and their hobbies. I find it inspiring that some studio's are almost a work of art in themselves. My love of reading about studio's started with the book Where Women Create by Jo Packham.

So I have the inspiration, from the book, the magazines, the Internet and pinterest.  Everyday there are endless ideas and emails so many that you can hardly read all of them and if you do you do not have time to do any of it. I have the room, many years ago I started out with three totes in the corner of the laundry room. I used to drag everything out and set it up at the kitchen table. That was really hard, especially once I had babies because you had to put everything away every time someone came over and you could only work while your babies were napping or late at night so you had to drag everything out all over again. 
Then I expanded to a eight by ten room and eventually that got too small and now I have my present room which is fifteen by twenty not including the closet. I also have the plumbing for a sink, which has never been hooked up, soon to be changed. I have the vanity and the sink I only need taps and a plumber. 

So here is the quick disaster tour as you walk in the room, and then as I get reorganized and also made into a dream space I will post my progress. I hope you enjoy my ideas. I have so much stuff some of it I do not recognise myself, most of it I know exactly where it is, except for the closet, which needs special help. I have many projects that I have planned over the years and never completed that will also be getting done too, so there should be lots of entertainment in between. I have so many hobbies, sewing, painting, jewellery making, home decor, cooking, beading and embroidery, and junk restoration and other misc talents. I just love trying new things. 

This is the view of my studio as you walk in from right to left. On the right is my painting supplies, storage bins and file cabinets. Also a couple of pots with rolls of wallpaper, wrapping paper, dowels, and wood trim.

Next is the closet, which is probably the worst mess in my studio. I have boxes on the right side of the closet that I have not opened in ten years. They are too heavy for me to lift. I will have to hire someone to help me clean out the closet, but first I have to deal with the room outside of the closet before I pull everything out. Lots of stuff is already in bins, but I will have to purchase more bins that stack before I start.

As you can see the closet is so full, sometimes I cannot close the doors. Too many projects dreamed of and never started. Lots of patterns, many from my mom retro from the sixties. I really hate to part with them. They are such a hot item now, but it is so hard to keep them too as the space is so valuable. I will have to decide when I get there. I really love vintage textiles and patterns there is something special about them. I like to look at different styles when I am looking for inspiration. I have many old craft and needlework books too that I am loath to part with. 

This is my sewing corner and somewhere under all that stuff is my sewing machine and serger. It is usually not that messy, but I started sorting things and it got loaded with everything under the sun.

I have already started a little bit of the dream studio project before I started this blog and before I started taking pictures. Before there was a eight foot table in this corner, that was for my daughter to do her art. She had lots of boxes under the table and canvases and paints spread all over the table. It was hers to use as she wanted. Now that she has moved out I have reclaimed the space as mine and put in a comfortable chair, which is something I have always wanted in my studio. When I sew I like to curl up with my feet under me when I am clipping threads or removing pins. I also like to sit in a comfortable chair when I am beading or doing any sort of hand sewing. I have a swing arm lamp above this chair with a really good bulb in it that provides lots of light for threading needles and other fine jobs. I am also finding this is a great place to set up my computer while I work. 

The cupboards at the end of my studio hold many supplies. We had them built years ago. They hold spray paints and glues, calligraphy supplies, pysanka supplies, photo's, wood supplies, sea shells, beads, rhinestones, jewellery supplies. The dresser below holds soap making supplies, glue guns, paper cutters, wrapping supplies & bows, misc craft supplies, and embroidery supplies.
This is an old entertainment unit that I bought at habitat for humanity that I use for my scrapbooking supplies. I am going to paint it and make it a little more creative, but otherwise it works pretty good as it is. I just need to find a few containers to keep things organised and easier to find. I am sure I can find some ideas on pinterest on how to organise everything in the cabinet, but first I need to pull out my new chalk paints and add some colour other than brown.
Believe it or not I have pulled out about 100 magazines already to sell, I really need to get rid of more. It is so hard to part with books I know I will part with them and I will want the book I part with as soon as it is gone. I will just have to wait for a rainy day and spend more time in that chair sorting more books. I need to make room for more decor. I do find I refer more now to the computer on most things. How about you, do you use books, or the internet for inspiration?

 This is my sink. In the green vanity, under all of the boxes. The rolling unit holds more scrapbooking supplies. I am going to try to get all of the scrapbooking supplies into the cabinet, so I can reduce more floor space. The wood table is a project I am working on. It is an old sewing table, that I am converting into a side table (details to follow).

 Last but not least let me not forget the centre of the room. This is my trusty table. I have put little moving discs on the bottom of the legs. They were worth every cent. They make the table very easy to move where ever I want it in the room, even if it is loaded with stuff. The table is a really good size for the centre of the room measuring at 48 by 30. I will be painting the top and then making a work cover for messy jobs. I also have some projects in the works for storage using the legs of the table thanks to another blog. Information to follow later this week. 

This disaster is a work in progress but progress has started and the story will follow shortly.

Keep on Dreaming and I will too
Forgetmenot Cherie


  1. You have a wonderful space for creating in! Keep up the good work on organizing! Step by step, you will get there (and me,too...lol)!

    1. Thank you alwayskekptintap, I love my space even if it needs a little re organizing. This year I put in a big comfortable chair and now I find myself spending more time there than ever before. If you are looking at how to make your craft area inviting a comfortable seat would be my first choice.