Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bottles, Bottles Every Where!

I recently got a gift, or deposit whatever you want to call it. I am having fun with it. My Dad had a whole lot of empty bottles that his ex wife had collected and left behind and he had no use for them so he gave them to me. Some of them are pretty cool. I am not sure what I am going to do with them yet. I am definitely open to ideas. I have seen some really cool ideas on Pinterest, and my
creativity really revs when I look at some of these bottles as some of them are very unique. A little paint, some embellishments, some twine, flowers, mosaics on some you never know even the plain bottles could turn into something interesting.

Have a look, I have a pretty interesting collection here.

The extra small bottles; the tallest is five inches and the shortest (the little house) is two and three quarters inches. They are super cute. Although I am not a huge brown fan.

I put all of the bottles on my table and tried to take pictures from different angles so you could see all of them, they are just so amazing. I have so many ideas going through my head when I see them. I keep thinking of all of the ideas I have seen on different sites and on Pinterest. There have been lots of great ideas on my new favourite board Home talk too. I also have lots of creative ideas of my own.

I separated out some of the bottles into groups and took pictures of a few of my favourite's too so here they are. See if you have any great ideas.

 The bottle on the left has a very interesting leaf design to which I am very partial. I think this is one I will have to keep for myself. I can picture it with some pretty silver leaf on the leaves or something of that sort. I am not sure what to do with the pretty green bottle as yet but there is something special about it. The shape and the height it is just waiting for an artists touch. The fish need I say more. Someone has the perfect counter top or shelf just waiting for a little fish bottle. It just needs a cork.

Even though I am not partial to brown these bottles are very special. The bottle on the left says Hawaiian on it and then has a tropical motif on it. It is very unique. The bottle beside it is covered in leather, I am sure with a little TLC it will be a glowing collectible and who does not love a bottle with a ship. I will add my own personal touch, but it does not need much from me. The last bottle is very different with and wooden handle and string covering it has its own personality and will look nice holding olive oil or some counter top content. The wooden handle and cap would benefit from a touch of chalk paint and then we will see what other touches it will take to bring out its best personality. Any other ideas?

Don't you just love this blue violin bottle, even though the silver pattern is worn it is just beautiful. It will look wonderful adorning someones bookcase, on top of some books about music. I do not know what it is but I really like the shape of these next two small bottles. I am thinking of painting them with bright colours to hold salad dressings or the like. I am not sure what to do with the tall blue bottle it is so graceful. Its shape and colour speak for themselves. I will look at it for a while and hopefully some ideas will come to me on its future. Or someone will send me some ideas.

This bottle is awesome. I love leaves and vines. It has grapes and vines embossed on it and is a flat design. The glass is a very light green in colour. This is one bottle that will be staying in my collection.

Isn't this one great. It just speaks oil and vinegar. It just needs a little embellishment to bring it to its full potential. 

The bottle on the left is a little discoloured, but I have not washed it yet but its shape is beautiful. It just speaks of the ocean and seashells. And then so do the little boat and the lighthouse. I should have fun with both of these bottles. They do not fit with my own decor, but I love them any way.

The tall and graceful clear bottle is waiting for me to give it some attention and this little duck is just so cute.

I really love this golden wonder. As you can see with its vines and flowers and tall gracefulness it has already found a place in my decor.

These colourful bottles have found their way onto the window sill of my guest room. It is a quick and easy way to add some colour, sparkle and interest to the room. I have been working on a guest room and was in a hurry this summer to put something together for some unexpected guests when these bottles showed up so I put these on the window sill. They worked so well I think they will be staying there.

So I hope you like my bottles. There are many more in the box. I have only shown you some of my favourite's. You would get readers cramp if I showed you all of them. If I do any projects with any of them I will be sure to show you.

Forgetmenot Cherie

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