Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Special Things Laundry Tip

This is just a little tip about how I keep my favorite special care garments of the big bad washing machine and dryer. Everyone in my home knows that if they find a garment in one of my laundry bags that it needs special care and that I do not want them to touch it. The same goes
for me as my girls have gotten older, and they have started buying more expensive clothing, if they have hands off clothing this is our hands off signal.  It is very inexpensive too. I keep these lingerie bags in my closet and in the laundry room by the washing machine.  

When you take the garment off you put it in a bag, that means it needs special care. These tops only need to be hung to dry and no dryer, but these bags also work for hand washing too. 

Generally it is good to hang anything that has gems or sequins, as they will last much longer if you do. Clothing with lycra will also last longer if you hang it to dry. I also turn my black pants and legging inside out when I wash them as this prevents them from getting pilling on them from the wash. If you take the time to pretreat your clothing for stains your clothes will last much longer too. 

When you are going through the hamper you just know too check the labels on every thing that is in a bag. I also like to keep a dry cleaning bag in the closet for clothes that have been soiled and need to go to the cleaners. I keep these bags in both the closet and the laundry room and that way I never miss catching a garment that needs special treatment. Most sweaters will last much longer if they are hand washed or if you use a home dry cleaning pkg.

I put my Bras in a bag of their own too that way they do not get all tangled up and I can take them out after the wash cycle and hang them to dry. You will find your under wires do not come out if you do not dry them. My closet is in need of a little cleaning. I have just lost forty pounds and I still have not purged all of my old wardrobe. I have discarded the biggest pieces. but some of my clothes still fit so I am stretching them out as long as I can. So I have pieces all the way from size 2X to size 12. I must say I seem to reach for the size 12 pieces first lately. I use the bigger pieces to paint in, etc. You do not have to pay much for the bags, they are easily found at any dollar store and the bags there are just as good as the more expensive ones, so save some money and spend it else where.

A quick little tip that you can do is to sew a little loop of ribbon on to one corner of the bags so that you can hang them on a hook in your closet and in the laundry room. Oh and make sure you get the bags that zipper, not the kind that have a drawstring they work much better. 

Thats all its very simple and it works.

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