Saturday, July 6, 2013

Aromatherapy promises and delivers

On a recent trip to Vancouver for a doctor’s appointment, my husband and I walked to Robson Street and found a little shop at 
948 Robson Street called Escents Aromatherapy. 

Escents West 4th Store

The appointment was a while ago, the end of April actually but
I have been meaning to blog about it ever since we were there. My first impression walking along the street was the misting smell of aromatherapy scents lightly wafting through the air. It was a sunny day but very windy so it was rather amazing that we could still get a nice but not over powering scent of herbal aroma’s. On that day I had a migraine, so it was a good day to find aroma therapy. I had also recently come down with vertigo, which causes extreme internal stress. The girls in the store were very helpful. 

I walked away with many purchases, but I have found myself using them every day. I have lots of different types of aroma and scent diffusing methods, from the Victorian favourite of potpourri to candles and wax warmers, electric plug ins and air refresher sprays.  I do like using Scentsy, but I must say my new favourite is the little Escents diffuser and oils. They have a really nice website, my next purchase from them will be the my Canada signature collection of oils, they are really all perfect.

 It works almost instantly and is so easy to use and change. I love the scents that are available. I am in no way affiliated with this company; I am just telling you about a product that has helped me feel better when I am not feeling good.
One of my favourite oils is their night time blend (lavender, chamomile). I put the night time blend on while my grandson was here and every time I put it on he fell asleep very easily on the couch. My other favourite oil is from their artist collection, Raphael (ylang ylang, sandalwood)

This is my favourite, it is an ULTRAMIST ULTRASONIC AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSER I just add a little water and a few drops of my favourite oil and away it goes. I love that the lights change colour and it scents the room right away. You can see the glow right now of the green light. You can change it to stay on one colour, or set it to change, every few minutes. It is very relaxing to have it change.

Do you see the awesome wood stove I have the diffuser displayed on. It was a birthday gift that my husband received from a friend of his. My husband had this old rusty stove at his automotive yard and he gave it to his friend last year. After some time and lots of effort from his friend it was returned to my husband all restored as a gift for his birthday. I am told he uses a wire brush and black shoe polish to bring it back to looking like this. I think he is very talented. Thank you again Glen it is very amazing. 

My husband and I have both also found the Muscle treatment Gel (Arthritis Treatment) a mixture of Cypress and Eucalyptus to be very helpful, and believe me I have tried almost every cream ever made. I have had arthritis for 32 years and it one of the few that has made any difference at all. I normally do not even try any new ones I have tried so many, but we all go through stages were we give up and then we have to try again. Bill my husband is pretty new to arthritis, so I guess I am seeing things through new eyes again. I guess it is good to look at it that way again and try new things sometimes, as we sort of get a little jaded about it after many years and many failures. 

 I have a new Facebook site and a new email that I have started today, so if I have any glitches please be patient with me. It will take me a while to get everything going.
I am still learning how to link all of these things so it will be days before I get it all figured out.

Breathing easy and relax

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