Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New Start and a new garden

I have been very off track with my blog lately, but I really wanted to get back. My purpose for blogging is to heal from years of unresolved pain. To do that I am going to find ways to surround myself with things I love. I am very creative and artistic, so I am going to try and share my whimsy with you. Some of the things I do may not match; they will just be things that make me and may be you feel good inside. They have no purpose except for healing and joy. So if you decide to follow my blog, you will see a craft one day, gardening the next and maybe crafting on another. Unfortunately, I might skip a few weeks sometimes too due to health problems. I am trying to beat them, but sometimes they get the best of me. I am very excited to share my latest project. I started it before
I went down this time, but have not had the energy to blog about it. When I started this I came down with vertigo, so while I was out painting the boxes all of these pretty colours I was one sick girl. But it was so worth it. Here are the pictures of my garden boxes when they first went in.

It took me many hours to paint all of the boxes with the bright colours. I hired a carpenter to build the boxes for me. He did an awesome job. I then hired a gardening company to help get the boxes ready to plant. They will be coming back in the fall to help me get the boxes ready for fall. Just to keep them so they are ready to plant in the spring. I am so in love with the bright colours.
 Even without the plants the boxes look awesome.

As you can see my garden is doing great. I have planted lots of things I like to eat, all organic too. I am already on my second planting of radishes. I found radishes that came on a seed tape and that made them really easy to plant, but yesterday on pinterest I found an idea to make your own seed tape with toilet paper. Especially for radishes and carrots. So I think I will try it out. That way you do not need to thin your carrots. I have also planted Swiss chard, golden beets, hot peppers, romaine lettuce, mixed green lettuce, Beets, basil, Spaghetti Squash, Zucchini, Strawberry Spinach, Bush Beans.

So far it looks good. We have had many salads, and the Swiss chard is very nice and sweet. I have tomatoes that are green and not ready to pick yet. My flower baskets are looking pretty good this year too, but I will wait for a sunny day to get some pictures for you. I have not started thinking of accessories for my garden yet, but I am sure happy, I started with the painted boxes. They just make you smile when you see them.



  1. I have been trying to fix my blog so that comments can be left. Please let me know if this has been fixed. I am so very happy with the results of my soda coloured garden boxes. I had to start small this year. I look forward to finding more ways to dress up my yard with budget friendly diy projects not that the garden is established. I am really hoping I am not the only one that thinks it is worth the effort. Cherie

  2. So pretty! And the goodies in them are yummy. This is what I have been thinking about doing for my garden when we move into our Mobile Home we are buying. Not thrilled with planting straight in the ground anymore, about 13 or so years ago I picked up a fungus from the soil on the palm of my hand. It took a couple of years & lots of meds & pain to finally get rid of it. Plus at the Mobile Home Park I think they box's would be so much more handy. Thanks for this!

    1. I am very sorry to hear about the fungus you caught in your hand, that sounds terrible. I really hope it does not discourage you from having a garden in the future. I have chronic pain and a few other conditions, but I found my garden to be so helpful and good for the soul. Once the boxes were made and the garden planted it was pretty easy taking care of it. A little water three or four times a week, depending on the weather and a little weeding once a week. The benefits of walking out side and gathering the harvest rather than making a trip to the store far out weighed the gardening maintenance. The vegetables were just so good. This year I will be adding some garden accents and I have spent a lot of time reading about beneficial plantings. So I am hoping for an even better garden this year. What did you do to cure the fungus on your hand? I would be very interested in how it is treated.