Friday, April 12, 2013

Sentsy Wax Spill and Cleanup

My last post was about my Rubbermaid Bussing cart and how helpful it is in my life.

It is usually problem free, but this time when I rolled my cart against the wall, I forgot about my Scentsy Plugin in the outlet against the wall full of melted red wax and oops
that beautiful wax was spilled down my newly painted green wall and two day old white baseboards. You can see the mess on the left of the photo. 

 I have waited twelve years for baseboards in my kitchen and on day two I spill bright red wax on them. Go figure. I have just spent two days painting them oh so carefully. On top of this it happens right when dinner is ready. I am also trying a new recipe, which I am documenting so that I can blog about it too. I know if I leave the red wax too long (it has to be red of all colours) it will stain for sure.

My first reaction is to use Goo Gone as a cleaner. So I take my new bottle of Goo Gone Spray Gel and give the mess a generous spray. I find cleaners generally work better if you let them soak for a little before you scrub them so my thinking is to eat dinner and then get back to the wax.

 For me cleaning anything after eating is rather difficult, but that is a topic for an entire blog. I get pain when I eat (lots of pain), so usually I am unable to do anything for several hours after I eat. I was rather stressed about the wax, thinking it might stain the wall so my sweetheart husband got up after dinner and started to clean up the mess. The Goo Gone really worked well on softening the wax, it just left a bit of a red stain. I suggested that maybe baking soda paste might work and Bill came up with using baking soda toothpaste. It has baking soda and whiteners in it already. It worked instantly.

The stains are all gone and it was a very easy cleanup. I will now remember the toothpaste when I need a simple abrasive cleaner that smells great. BRAVO Bill for a great idea. My Scentsy Plugin now has a new home as I do not want that one to get spilled again. I will put it in a less open location from now on.

Thankfully I am back to my beautiful new white baseboards and my fresh apple green walls.
Happy Spring Cleaning


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