Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gardening Joy

Usually for me gardening causes me much angst. I love the feel of the soil, the plants, and the vivid colours. It is the pain that comes from trying to kneel and lift and bend. All of the necessary postures that come along with gardening in my dream landscape for our half acre of property. I find myself collecting beautiful ideas in magazines and on Pinterest and then when I try to do these things myself
I get frustrated with my bodies limitations. Bill my husband can only do so much himself, as he is now getting his share of arthritis too. He also works six or seven days per week, so just keeping up with the lawns is more than enough. So this year I set out to reclaim my flower beds and my much neglected raised vegetable garden beds. I had posted a request on Facebook looking for referrals for garden and landscaping services. I had two replies for the same service. They both recommended Propertywize.ca.

Having both of the referrals for the same service I gave them a call to get an estimate and to meet them. They were very prompt about calling and coming to meet me and viewing my property. They are Shannon and Jeremy and they are very nice and I am extremely glad I called them. I got a little carried away with what I wanted done and the estimate was a little too pricey for my budget, but they were more than happy to break it down and do smaller parts for me. They did such a good job. My yard has never looked so good in one day. I also really enjoyed their company, they are very nice people. They have so much experience it is more than obvious when they are looking at your trees and shrubs. I would love to have them put in a water feature in the future. They have a web site with all of the services they offer. Please check them out; you will not be disappointed with their service. I promise.

Now that all of my weeds are gone, they will be coming back to help me with an edging barrier to help keep the weeds out, and to redo the landscape fabric and bark mulch. I am also having my boxes made for my raised beds for my vegetable garden. They will be helping me to put in a barrier to stop the weeds and to sift the new top soil. When we are done I should have a Pinterest worthy garden. Today I purchased exterior Semi-Gloss paint in my dream colours to paint the boxes for my raised beds. My husband is going to hate it, but I am in love. I cannot show you the colours yet, but just listen to this dreamy list. Gulf Stream Blue, Elite Wisteria, Mellow Yellow, Springtime Bloom (pink), and Honeydew, can you picture the colour festival. 

It’s like an ice cream and sherbet festival just waiting to hang out together. I am so excited to get my boxes together and see these colours all together. My vegetables will be so happy. Many years ago when we installed our original garden boxes, we had the area around the boxes cemented. The boxes have since then rotted and now need to be replaced, but the cement is still in perfect condition. With years of neglect the weeds have taken control and thanks to Jeremy and Shannon at Propertywize.com hopefully we will now regain the upper hand. With their help my frustrations have definitely been turned into gardening joy. Thank you so much Shannon and Jeremy. This is a picture of Shannon and Jeremy that I copied from their website. They showed up very organized and ready to work. They had everything they needed to get the job done. I highly recommend them, just make sure they still have time to come back and work for me too. 


Happy Gardening

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