Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cherie's Forget Me Nots the Inspiration

Forget Me Not's My Inspiration

Hazel Evelyn Little

When my grandmother passed away I was helping my dad with her memorial. I had not known my grandmother very well during her life. She was not part of my life growing up. When my dad was a child she left him with his dad and married another man. I do not know much about the story, just that she was only around very little. We got birthday cards from her and we had visits with her every few years, but it was not the same as the relationship I had with my other grandmother.
When she got older my dad being the wonderful man that he is, he cared for his mother until her passing. When she could no longer care for herself he moved her closer to his home and found a care home for her, but he went to visit her often. He got to know her better that he had for his whole life. I am sorry to say I did not do the same. I learned more about my grandmother when my sister and I wrote the speech for her memorial. I wish I could say more about myself and my grandmother, and I do regret not getting to know her in the last year of her life but it is too late now. One of the things I learned about my grandmother is that her favourite flower was the Forget me not. So for her memorial I bought some little dollar store organza bags (usually for weddings) and some tiny little zip lock bags. I also found packages of Forget me not seeds. 

On little slips of card stock I wrote the following 
"One of Grandma's favourite flowers was the Forget me not. Plant the seeds in an area that gets either shade or full sunlight. Plant the seeds near the surface of the soil to be able to get the sun and air they need to germinate. Plant seeds about 1/8 inch deep to allow them some soil cover while keeping their sunlight exposure. Scatter the seeds on the soil surface and then sprinkle a little soil to cover them. I put everything in the little bags and handed them out at her memorial. They made a nice little keepsake and memento for everyone who attended, and it was a little something about Grandma that everyone could remember that they did not know before. I have also made sure that I never leave things for another day anymore. Life is too short to have regrets. I hope you can use my idea for a remembrance hand out. They did look lovely in a basket waiting to create a reminder to all who took them home to plant.

Shirley Anna Chalmers

When my mother in law passed away we made a little keepsake for her as well. She had a Swedish ginger cookie that she made every year for everyone at Christmas that were every ones favourite. So we copied her cookie recipe and handed the copies out to anyone who wanted a copy. We also made a picture DVD with music that played at her memorial which took us all week. We tried to include pictures of all of her friends and family that we could find pictures of. We made copies of the DVD for everyone who attended. The funeral home had a service that could do this for you, but they wanted four hundred dollars and that was for one copy. We made a hundred copies and it cost us thirty dollars for the DVDs. It did take us lots of time, but that time was spent looking at pictures and memories. Most of it laughing and crying together while we remembered times spent together. Here is a link to the DVD, which I have uploaded to Youtube.

You Tube Video Shirley Chalmers Alzheimers Remembered

I hope you enjoy a little look at Shirley's life and friends. We thought the music was perfect for someone who suffered from Alzheimer's in her last few years.

Dorothy Arbuthnot

I was younger when my favourite gram passed away and did not have the fore site to come up with an idea to remember her with. I have a wonderful picture of her that was placed at the front of the hall during her memorial service. The picture always makes me smile. It was taken at a luncheon that my sister and I had taken her to for her birthday for a feeding of fresh spot prawns, which were one of her favourite meals. 

This picture really shows my Gram's love of life. I know that is just a little shrimp, but she was like that about everything she loved. She lived with that same excitement and love about everything that she enjoyed. I loved taking her to the farm market. She was like a kid in the candy store. She would come home with bags and bags full of fresh produce. (my mom hated it, because then she would have to can it and pickle all of it) but I could not help but take her, because she was just so happy when she was there. She would tell me stories about when she was a child how they would peel baby onions for pickling for days. We could spend hours and hours talking about recipes she just never tired of cooking special things for the people she loved. She was one of the sweetest people I have ever know. My mom is too and she is always cooking up a storm too. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. One of my favourite keepsakes in my kitchen nook cabinet is a gift from my gram. When I was growing up she always had these displayed at the little shelves at the end of her kitchen, beside her dining table. As a child I thought they were the most amazing dishes ever. They are blue and green crystal dishes to serve shrimp cocktail in. They have little glass inserts for the shrimp

salad and you fill the bottom of the dish with crushed ice. They hold a special place in my memory. I have just always been amazed that someone would have a dish that its only purpose was for shrimp cocktail. That also happened to be in my favourite colour combination. My gram gave them to me about two months before she passed on. We had had a really nice day together. She had offered me jewellery and other things of much more value, but those little dishes meant much more to me and still do. My Gram passed away on Easter weekend and one of her last requests was that a very expensive Prime Rib roast that she had purchased get cooked and served to her family for Easter dinner, with all of the trimmings. Of course she was in the hospital and none of us wanted to leave her side. My husband Bill who had never cooked a roast never mind a very expensive prime cut of roast went home and made a dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, gravy, Yorkshire pudding and vegetables and brought it all to the hospital. He had a couple of friends who came over to help him, thank fully. That roast cost more than we usually spent on a weeks groceries at the time. So after all of us had eaten her roast we told her what had been done and it was the most amazing thing. She just seemed to finally be at peace and she just slowly drifted away. Her children and grandchildren were all there and had all had Easter dinner and she was happy. She could not talk to us, but you could tell she was comforted by that thought. I will never forget it. I do not think Bill will either. 

I will post Shirley's cookie recipe and my Gram's shrimp cocktail recipe separately as they deserve a page of their own. 

This post is to family memories and love


  1. I really hope you enjoyed my post about my blog inspiration. These three ladies really deserved a special tribute as they were super people with their own unique lives. I miss all of them.

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