Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A dizzy view of VancouverTo

I have had the unfortunate experience the past few weeks of having a vertigo flair. For those of you that do not know what vertigo is, I have attached a link to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertigo. Vertigo is a form of dizziness where you feel like everything around you is moving even when it is not. This feeling of motion then makes you feel very nauseated and gives you motion sickness. So you can only imagine
a trip to Vancouver, that involves small lanes of traffic with lots of cars moving in all directions, two ferry rides (seasick for the first time in my life) and when we reached my Aunts house she has a long narrow hallway with lots of repeating patterns. I do not know why but small narrow spaces make vertigo much worse. 

When I had this many years ago they gave me exercises to do that retrain the brain to accept the vertigo condition as normal by making it worse deliberately. So I am trying very hard to push myself to still carry on and do as much as I can despite feeling so awful. I am determined to make this go away. I already have enough pain to deal with, so I will not accept vertigo as part of my reality. If anyone can find a copy of the exercises let me know I really want to make it go away. I have met some really nice people in the last week who have also experienced vertigo and they are so understanding. It is one of those conditions that you never really forget. We did have a really nice visit with my aunt in Surrey. She makes the whole trip worth all of the suffering. I think she is one of the nicest people I know and she deserves so much more than life has dealt her. This trip was to see my Rheumatologist. She is very good and very conscious that we have to travel so far. She makes sure that I do not have to make too many trips across to the mainland. She has the most colourful office decorated with her collection of folk art giraffes. It makes visiting the doctor so much more comfortable. I have a favorite shop I like to visit when we go to her office. It is just around the corner, within walking distance, at 1055 Davie Street. It is called Room in Order. I love going to their store. Everything they have is for organizing. They have all of the things you have seen in the magazines and wanted but did not want to order online. I have never been able to go in and walk out empty handed. This time I bought charcoal filters for a compost bucket. They are made as replacement filters for a model they sell but the thrifty side of me came out as they wanted $69.99 for the compost bucket.

I will make my own hand crafted bucket and decorate it myself and use the charcoal filters for a cost of $8.00 instead. I have been composting but I really hate the smell so hopefully I can craft up a really nice bucket. 

I have also been thinking of making myself some business cards with my food allergies listed to use at restaurants, so I found a cute little aluminum case to keep my cards in for my purse, and lastly I found a really nice set of rubber stamps with an ink pad that I will use when I make my own cards and note pads. 

I would have spent more time there, but we had to get to my appointment and I do not walk to fast at the best of times, but with vertigo I am very slow. The sidewalks are very uneven and I have to be very careful not to lose my balance and fall. Poor Bill must have had very sore hands I was squeezing them very hard at times. I will have to finish my organizing search on their website www.roominorder.com as we had one entire aisle in the store that we did not get to explore. I could hear a lady in that aisle coughing and sniffling with a cold and I did not want to go any closer to her, I already have enough to deal with. I was really happy with my finds that I did make before we had to leave. I cannot wait to make my compost bucket. I will be sure to blog when I do. I went to another store after my appointment, but it was so awesome it needs a blog all of its own, so that will follow. 

Keep on pushing Cherie

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