Friday, April 12, 2013

A Busing Cart to Help at Home

Many years ago when I first discovered that I had arthritis in my spine, I knew I would have to find ways to complete my daily tasks without causing myself greater pain and discomfort from lifting heavy objects. I also have a very small kitchen and do not have much counter space to house a large quantity of small appliances. In this the day of bread makers, tabletop grills, blenders, ice cream makers, food processors,  pasta makers, and the list goes on.

(If you are seeing the spill on the left I will be writing my next post about that little accident and the cleanup, so stay tuned. I was not sure all of that red wax was going to come off.)

If I were to have all of my appliances on my counter top I would not have any space left, I also do not have enough cupboards to house all of these great machines. My new ice cream maker (I love) but I think it must weigh about 30 pounds. My Cuisinart mixer is about the same. I also have this dream blender that we use in the summer, The Margaritaville, which makes the nicest crushed ice drinks.  
So if I were to store all of these heavy appliances in a pantry or the likes I would very rarely use them as they would be too heavy for me to lift. They would also take up too much space in my tiny kitchen. So I found this awesome solution. We went to a kitchen supply store and bought a busing cart. At the time it was around two hundred dollars and it has been worth every penny. It is made of very solid plastic with large wheels and I do not think it will ever wear out. Mine is a Rubbermaid Ultimate Cart Line, but they have many other models, some of which are not as pricey. I keep all of my small appliances on it. I keep it in the pantry closet with all of my baking supplies. When I need to use one of my appliances, I pull it out and plug  the appliance in and use it right on the cart. It is like having an extra little island and I do not have to lift anything. It works so well.

When my children were small I used my cart in other ways. I could not lift my laundry and with small children I had lots of dirty laundry, so I would use the cart to carry dirty laundry to the laundry room. I would then fold and sort all of the clean clothes onto the cart as they came out of the dryer. I would hang the clothes that were to be hung from the handles and fold the rest onto the shelves. This worked very well as I did not have to make multiple trips around the house. When you are done folding just wheel the cart to the room of the laundry owner and the clean clothes can be delivered to their proper home.

I would also use the cart on cleaning day when my girls were little. I would put a basket on the cart for things that belonged in other rooms, a tote with my cleaning supplies, a waste basket and a basket for toys. This worked very well, because it kept my cleaning very quick and organized. I did not have to run around looking for cleaning supplies, or leave the room I was cleaning to put something away, which in turn made the cleaning go much faster and more efficient. I also did not strain myself because I was not lifting anything that was too heavy. This is very similar to how they clean in hotels and if it works for them it must be the most efficient way. 

I usually kept a pickup stick and a stool on the cart too; they kept me from bending and reaching unnecessarily. I am thinking about getting another cart, now that my small appliances have taken over, as I really miss the ease of having a cleaning and laundry cart.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be organized even if you do not have a hard time lifting; it just keeps you so on task when you are doing your chores. 

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