Thursday, March 21, 2013

Soda Pop Alternative

About four or five years ago I was reading about the evils of artificial sweeteners. They come under many different labels, such as sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame-K, Saccharin, NutraSweet, Equal, Canderel, Sucralose, Splenda), Acesulfame-K, Sunette, Sweet One, Sweet’n Safe, and Stevia. There have been many studies that claim that using them puts your health at risk, and rather than reducing your calorie intake and aiding in weight loss it is now said that they actually impede weight loss. 

There have been studies linking artificial sweeteners to cancer, fibromyalgia, ms, headaches, insulin resistance, and brain tumours. I have also been told that white sugar is also on the list of things that should not be consumed as it does bad things for our bodies. Faced with chronic migraine headaches, severe arthritis and fibromyalgia and a two litre per day addiction to diet pop I knew I needed to make a change, as my health is worth much more than a glass (or a bottle) of soda. So I came up with my own very tasty alternative. It is fizzy like my pop, it contains no sugar, it is organic and it is very good. I still drink my water as recommended but this sure is nice as an alternative to herbal tea and water.

My favourite is Happy Planet Organic Mango and Peach Juice about an inch in my glass topped up with carbonated lemon lime spring water. I also like pomegranate juice or Wild Blueberry. You could use orange juice (I am allergic). It only takes such a small amount of juice to add flavour. Just check the label for sweeteners and sugars and be very lean on the quantity of juice. You only want to add flavour. You do not want to drink full glasses of juice. 

Happy bubbles 


  1. There is a product on the market now that makes carbonated water from your own water. It's called Soda Spring, and you can probably find a source for it on google. Ebay will have them for sure, and probably craigslist. There is also another product called Primo that has been bought out by a big name kitchen mfg. and so they are for sale at Grocery Outlets and Tuesday Mornings for about a third of the cost of the Soda Spring. Check them out! It's easy to use and fun! I just use filtered water that I chill, and it makes carbonated water in less than a minute. You could add fresh lemon and lime juices, your fruit juice, and the fizzy water and accomplish the same goal for probably less money than you are spending on the flavored spring waters. Good luck! I love love love mine!!!

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