Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lunch at Gina's Mexican Cafe

 Lunch at Gina's Mexican Cafe

Today I had lunch at Gina's. They were so accommodating at Gina's I cannot say enough. When you have Celiac disease eating out in a restaurant is very difficult most of the time. When you have multiple food allergies on top of the Celiac it is even more difficult. My waitress
at Gina's did not make it difficult to order at all. I gave her a list of my allergy foods (just to be safe) and asked if they could make me a salad with either fish or chicken to serve with it. They had full knowledge of how to prepare for Celiac and allergies and had no problem doing this for me. They do have an excerpt on their menu stating that they will accommodate allergies. The only problem I had was that I had to watch Trina eat the wonderful homemade salsa with the corn chips and could not have any myself. I was served a very fresh salad topped with halibut, and served with a homemade mayonnaise dressing on the side. It was very good. I think that is saying a lot when you are going to a restaurant were the average plate has rice, beans and corn and I am allergic to all three. 

250-753-5411  47 Skinner Street, Nanaimo, BC

Gina's has always been a favourite place for Trina and I to eat, as we really love Mexican food, and I was aware that they are willing to accommodate allergies. Here is a link that can help you find somewhere to eat when you are out and about. It takes a little planning, but it can be done. They rely on input from consumers just like you and me. So when you find a place that goes the extra mile, it is important to let them know.

You will find that some of the fast food restaurants have listed all of their ingredients which makes it much easier to find out what you can or cannot eat at their establishment. It is a good idea to give your server a card or list of allergies for the chef, as this can save everyone from making mistakes. No one likes sending back a meal because there is a piece of bread on your plate, or cheese on your salad or .... it is much easier to give them a heads up before they prepare your food. I will be making some new cards and will show an example when I do.


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