Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lidocaine Pain Program and a Little Shopping

Lidocaine Pain Program

As part of my pain management regimen, I participate in a lidocaine infusion program through the Nanaimo Pain Clinic. So every three weeks I get I ride to Nanaimo (its about an hour and a half drive). Sorry I did not get pictures this time. They insert a small tube in your arm and lidocaine is slowly
infused over ten to twelve hours, while you go about your usual business. The drive takes three hours ( one and a half hours each way), the setup takes about five minutes and off you go. Usually it is a pretty low key day as I find the lidocaine makes me a little sleepy for the day. Getting help from the pain clinic was a very good thing for me. I have been treated very well there. They have recommended treatments that have otherwise slipped through the cracks with other doctors. It was sort of like having a doctor finally listen to where you were at with pain. Which does not feel like it happens too often when you have chronic pain. The pain clinic is done through a referral from your doctor, but if you are in chronic pain it is a step I highly recommend taking. The doctor you are referred to will look at all of the medications you are on and see if there are other alternatives or combinations that may work better. I was put on a migraine preventative, which made a huge difference for a few years. I also had cortisone shots in my neck and my abdomen which were such a relief. I attended a six week chronic pain management program, which was very helpful. This I took in Campbell River, which was more easily attended closer to home. I would not have known about any of these treatments if I had not asked about the pain clinic. I weighed myself while I was there (my scale at home is not working) and I am happy to say I am down fifteen pounds since starting back on my diet. Trina had a good idea for me. She suggested I take a picture of now and log my progress with pictures. I will get on that soon. I am not on the diet for weight loss, but it is a really nice bonus. I will also be tracking my blood pressure, which was sort of high at 146/98. Hopefully that improves too.

     This week my daughter Trina took me to my appointment, so a little shopping was in order.  We found ourselves at the Bay as I had some gifts to purchase, and Trina was looking for some makeup from MAC. She turned me on to some MAC eye shadow base, which covers the shadows and blue veins on your eyelids, before you apply your shadow. I bought some to give it a try as I thought this would be a good idea to help cover the fatigue look that I try so hard to camouflage. The base I got was MAC Painterly Paint Pot. What Trina suggested that she does is that because it covers the lid and all of the veins and is such a natural colour that you do not even need shadow unless you want it. 

I used it today when I went out and I am very happy with my new purchase. Not only did it cover what I did not want anyone to see, it also made my eye shadow blend easier. 

We also had to shop at Home Sense ( I love Home Sense ) I purchased a few vases and planters and other odds and ends that you will be seeing in the near future. I picked up some towels for my little bathroom which I will be customizing next week. I will take pictures when I do the custom treatment. I did take a sample of the fabric I have chosen for a roman blind with me, which made it much easier to pick up towels to match. Now I will just add a little touch of fabric to the towels to give a custom look. 
After shopping we went for lunch, but that deserves a post of its own. 

Happy Day 

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