Thursday, March 21, 2013

Half Bath Project in Progress Starting Small

Half Bath Project in Progress starting small

So as my karma reading recommended I have decided to use creativity in everything I do. So of course I took this as a personal challenge to do some fix ups and projects around the house. We live in a 2200 square foot rancher. From the road it looks fairly small, but looks can be deceiving. 

The house started out thirty years ago
as a 500 square foot kennels and Bill renovated and added on 600 square feet and then about twelve years ago we renovated again and reached its current size. The problem is when you renovate, some things never seem to get totally finished. I am not complaining it is just the way things work. So I have decided to try and finish as many rooms as I can. Bill works six or seven days a week in his own business so he cannot help out too much, so I have hired an awesome carpenter to do some work for me. I do not know why he is not run off his feet with work, because he sure does nice work. I am not giving you his name yet because until he is done I do not want to share. Some days when you are dealing with chronic pain it is hard just to get out of bed and get dressed so this is a pretty big undertaking for me. But I am taking it little steps at a time and trying to pace myself. I caught a break this week, because my awesome carpenter got the flu (get well soon) but I too was able to slow my pace for a few days and regenerate some steam myself. 
I just had to share this little picture, while I was outside getting a picture of the house I noticed this little gem of spring. I had to wait for a mad hail storm to go out but it was worth it.

I just love spring. Little moments of surprise. So back to my story. I sort of got carried away and did a little too much and could not move by the time evening came around. Forget about eating dinner or cooking. So with much wisdom I chose to finish the smallest room in the house. Which just happens to be our half bath. Now do not laugh but this room has been sadly neglected. The toilet was hooked up years ago just in case as it is the only other bathroom in the house, but the sink was never hooked up.You have to remember this is a house full of girls. I bought a cute little vanity many years ago on sale at Zeller's of all places for $130.00. It is really nice and does not look like a discount piece, I was not looking for it there it just happened to be there on sale one day. See what you think. It has a marble top, with a white under mount white sink. The taps I picked up at Rona, I am sorry I did not keep the box it was a very quick deal.

So I think it looks pretty good for $130 it even came with a matching mirror but that is too much match for me so the mirror is in my bedroom
The taps are my made of my new favorite metal finish of brushed nickel. So easy to clean and it just blends so well with pewter which I love to decorate with. I may still change out the knobs as they are just a little too generic. So when did this little baby get hooked up after a ten year wait (does this give you any idea how patient I am). So back in November we had an Surprise open house birthday party for Bill. So the day before the party one of his friends showed up a day early for the party and asked if he could do anything since he was here early so he hooked up my sink. The stupid thing is it only took him about a half hour after waiting twelve years. If only I had known. 

So next step is a new toilet. Due to the fact that both of us have arthritis in our knees we are putting in a taller toilet. So far we do not need a bar but the extra lift will be great. Better to be prepared than to suffer. So hopefully the new toilet will be here in the next month. So little did I know toilets have come a long way. 

The toilet we would like to put in is the Studio Concealed Trapway Right Height Round Front Toilet from American Standard from Splashes. It has flowise features apparently in the near future will will all be on water metres, so it pays to plan ahead. It is eighteen inches high, and it has an Everclean surface technology which eliminates mold, mildew, stain and odor causing bacteria. The other selling point for me is that the seat easily clips off and on for cleaning to eliminate all those little crevices that you can never get clean. I am always looking for things that will make cleaning easier because that is good for someone with a disability, its good for everyone but it is essential for the disabled. So a toilet that stays clean longer, just jumps out for me. 

Now for some reason when they installed baseboards in our house they did not finish the job, they only installed two little pieces in the half bath. So this is now almost done. I am sure it will make a huge difference.  I started out with one brand of paint and had to switch brands as the one brand was not giving me very good results. Of course I have a big gallon can of the not so great paint. I do not think you need to see any pictures of me painting a bunch of baseboards but I thought you would like to know about the paints. I did also make one other observation while I was painting the door frames. Always start at the top. That way if you need to hold on if you lose your balance you are not grabbing your already painted surface. 

So one of these paints is just not like the other. I will just say that thankfully the smaller can of paint only requires two coats for a finished product and the other requires four or more. I find my time and energy very valuable so the fewer coats of paint needed the better. Quality is very important. So I have been painting all of the door trims and what little baseboard was already in the bathroom. Do not laugh when you see this, this is what our contractor did when we renovated. The other strip is on the other side by the toilet and is about the same size. 

So I want you to know it is not my handy carpenter that I have now hired that put that little strip of baseboard in my little bathroom. I would not hire the same guy. I do want to share my handy little hand cleaning tip. I learned this years ago. I have used it twice this week already. I was staining a shelf unit, and while painting the trim. It works every time to get paint and grime off your hands. Just mix a little liquid dish soap and a spoonful of sugar in your hands and scrub them together. 

Diy handcleaner for paint & messy jobs

The sugar creates an abrasive, which helps to remove whatever the mess is on your hands. This works pretty good. I always keep a spoon in my sugar bowl, so I will not have to touch to many things if my hands get messed up.

Have a nice spring day


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