Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A step towards my creative journey and karma

A Step towards my Creative Journey and Following My Karma


Not that anyone is following my blog yet, but hello because it makes me feel good. Besides talking to yourself is not healthy.  I have thought about doing this for years, and have finally worked up the courage to get started. I am a very creative person and would love to share some of my work.
I am also in chronic pain, and am going to work very hard to use creativity to renew my spirit and at the same time share my journey. I suffer from Fibromyalgia which I have had for many years, long before they knew what to do about it. I get two or three migraines per week (they make it very difficult to deal with pain mentally). I will not be telling this story very often, but it will explain a lot about who I am. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis which is an inflammatory arthritis of the spine. I now also have severe osteoporosis from taking steroids over the years. To top it off I have abdominal pain that doubles me over whenever I eat, which can last anywhere from an hour to four depending on (well I do not know what causes it or else I would not do it) So far they have not been able to tell me what the abdominal pain is. I do know I have Celiac disease and many food allergies. 

So now you know all of my health problems, I can now tell you my intentions for my blog. I am going to show you my creative endeavors, which I use to renew my spirit. I will also take you on a food and recipe journey with me as I experiment with gluten free and allergy free recipes. So far I have not been able to find any foods in the grocery store other than whole natural foods that I can eat, so everything must be cooked from scratch. So I will have lots of experiments to follow. I am a bit of a foodie so it has been very difficult to give up many of the foods I have grown up eating. I have to really push myself on this because part of the disease process is fatigue, so if you are not totally organized it is sometimes very hard to cook everything from scratch. 

I was diagnosed with allergies and celiac two years ago and I followed my diet religiously for about a year and then I just sort of gave up. While I was following my diet I felt so much better, I lost weight, I did not eat more or less, I just did not eat foods to which I was allergic. So when I went off my diet I gradually got ill again and gained weight again. I am happy to say I have been back on my diet for about a month and a half now and I have lost about twelve pounds and I am sure noticing if I eat something off my list.
So this is how far I have made it on trying out some baking recipes and breads. I now have all of the ingredients I need. Only they are still in the bag they came in and have been for two weeks. Well Rome was not made in a day.

 I have been very busy with some new projects, which I will share soon. (As soon as I end this first ramble). I will share tomorrow the wonderful vegetable hash I have been making for my morning meal. I usually only eat twice a day which may not be healthy but it is the best I can do to cope with the pain and still get anything done. The hash is full of baby kale, which is new to me, and lots of great vegetables, a little bit of gluten free ham or bacon and topped with a nice sunny side up egg. It is very good and protein rich.

I really wanted to share some insights I have had recently. My best friend referred me to a friend of hers for a karma reading. It was very simple, you supply your birth name and date and pay the fee and within a few days you will receive your reading. She also does dream readings. Her website is I have included a couple of quotes from my reading that I found especially heartfelt. These are very special quotes as they are part of my own personal karma reading and I am only sharing them because they are a huge part of my future journey. I have overcome my pain in the past, and then I have been presented with more pain and obstacles to overcome. Some days it is very hard to keep a good attitude about it, but day by day is all you can really expect from yourself.

"Discover new strengths and use your creative expressions to heal, listen to the body messages and do something about it knowing that it did not start at the physical level so the healing cannot only involve the physical level."

"Open your mind and see beyond the ordinary, for here is revealed the feeling of inner peace from entering silence. Take each daily task at a steady pace to assure completion. Make an art out of everything you do by living in the moment as best as you can. This will make it so that your energy does not get distracted and fragmented."

Since getting my reading I have tried to implement some changes to my life in small ways everyday to fulfill my karmic soul. Its funny after five years of doing nothing but sitting here in pain, creative opportunity knocked on my door shortly after my reading. I have signed on as a virtual volunteer for the local immigrant welcome centre. My job is to look for ideas online to enhance their programs and activities, most of which they do not have time to research. So far I have mostly done idea searches on Pinterest (I love Pinterest). I will have to share in a future post some of the things I have learned so far. My searches have taken me so far into English tea, and Canada Day crafts and activities. I have also decided to work on one room at a time in my house, until it is finished and decorated the way I want it. So in the spirit of starting small I picked the smallest room in the house which is my half bath. I am happy to say it is almost done. I will start sending some pictures, which I have not been so good at taking so far, but I promise I will get better.  

So for now I will say farewell and thank you for helping me to start my journey towards inner peace.


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